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Indian River Colony Club UHDO H V W D W H

“Te Place Patriots Call Home”

Indian River Colony Club X14

Join us...

Have a ball! Join the camaraderie with old friends and new at

Indian River Colony Club.

All of our members are invited to our annual Army, Marine, Air Force and Navy Balls.

Indian River Colony Club • 1936 Freedom Drive • Viera (Melbourne), FL 32940 2-4 BR Single Family Homes,

Call: 877-484-6176 453 Acres, 28 Lakes


The association expresses its gratitude for the generosity of the following who have donated gifts of $100 or more. We will acknowledge other donors in future issues of Military Officer. Contributions can be made online at or mailed to: MOAA Scholarship Fund, PO Box 320910, Alexandria, VA 22320-4910.

CAPT John H. Byrd, USCG (Ret) Linda Byrd Maj Patricia A. Byrne, USMC (Ret), in honor of LCDR Robert Byrne, USN Margot B. Cain COL Joseph J. Callahan, USA (Ret) Lt Col Anthony P. Callanan, USAF (Ret) Col Dick Calta, USAF (Ret) Edna M. Camarota LtCol Markham B. Campaigne, USMC (Ret) Mrs. Charles Campbell Lt Col Donald C. Campbell, USAF (Ret) LT Patrick J. Campbell, USN (Ret), in honor of USS Lloyd (APD-63) CDR Richard S. Campbell, USN (Ret) LTG Michael A. Canavan, USA (Ret) 1st Lt Paul J. Cannedy, USAF (Ret) Capitol Area (Mich.) Chapter COL Lynn I. Caraway, USA (Ret) CDR Kevin M. Carey, USN (Ret) MAJ Harvey D. Carlson, USAR (Ret) CAPT James A. Carman, USN (Ret) Maj Gary L. Carnicle, USMC (Ret) CPT Jeffrey Carr, ARNG (Ret) Paulette D. Carr LTC Terry R. Carr, USA (Ret) Lt Col George C. Carruthers, USAF (Ret) Maj John W. Carter, USAF (Ret) Col Roy L. Carter, USMC (Ret) Catawba Valley (N.C.) Chapter LTC Ronald C. Catchings, USAR (Ret) CW3 Charles T. Causey, USA (Ret) LCDR Marietta J. Centko, USN (Ret) Central Arkansas Chapter of MOAA, in honor of LTC Kenneth L. Smith, USAR (Ret), and Col Don K. Berry, USAF (Ret) Central Carolina (N.C.) Chapter Robert G. Certain, in honor of MG Bruce K. Brown, USAF (Ret) Robert G. Certain LTC George P. Chagalis, USA (Ret) Col M.J. Chambers, USAF (Ret) CAPT Donna K. Chandler, USPHS (Ret)


CDR Robert Chandler, USN (Ret) CAPT James K. Channell, USPHS (Ret) COL Charles W. Chapman, USA (Ret) Leon A. Chapman Jr. COL Scott Chapman, USA (Ret) Col Eric T. Chase, USMC (Ret) LTC Charles D. Chasler, USA (Ret) CDR John J. Chernoski, USN (Ret) LCDR Dolores A. Cherrington, USN (Ret) CAPT John W. Cherry, USN (Ret), in memory of CDR John W. Cherry, USCG Mary F. Chesebrough Chevron Matching Employee Funds COL Linda N. Christ, USA (Ret) Col James S. Christol, USAF (Ret) CWO2 Morley J. Clapp Jr., USN (Ret) Col Lawrence L. Clark Sr., USAF (Ret) LTC Matthew G. Clark, USA Lt Col Kathryn L. Close, USAF (Ret) Coast Guard Spouses Club of Washington, D.C. CAPT Robert C. Cochran, USN (Ret) June M. Cofield Patricia L. Cole, in honor of Harold, Douglas, and Lee Cole CDR Frank K. Cole, USCG (Ret) Col Richard A. Cole, USAF (Ret) LCDR John C. Colgain, USN (Ret) Joy G. Collins, in memory of COL Sidney H. Collins, AUS Kevin Collins Dale Comey Lt Col Frederick L. Comstock, USAF (Ret) CAPT Mary L. Conley, USN (Ret) Lt Col Raymond P. Conley, USAF (Ret) COL William A. Connelly, USA (Ret) RADM Eugene D. Conner, USN (Ret) Lt Col James M. Conner, USAF (Ret), in mem- ory of Martin Conner Maj Gen Joseph H. Connolly, USAF (Ret) LTC Michael S. Conti, USA (Ret) Jane Cook Lt Col Virginia V. Cook, USAF (Ret) Col John M. Copeland, USAF (Ret)

Getaway FL


article by the MOAA CFO: One of the major expenses listed in the article for MOAA is this magazine. I consider it a luxury to receive

my copy of the magazine in print. Most publications I receive are now in electronic format. For some mem- bers electronic distribution would be inadequate, but in my opinion the most important work of the associa- tion is not the magazine. I would volunteer to receive

Military Officer in electronic format in lieu of the expensive hard-copy version to assist in maintaining a healthy MOAA bottom line. — Maj. John S. Laws, USA (Ret) Vancouver, Wash.

Editor’s note: An electronic version of the magazine is available at www To cancel delivery of a mailed subscription, call MOAA’s Member Service Center, (800) 234-MOAA (6622).

Midshipmen Aren’t Cadets I enjoy Military Officer every month. But on page 60 of the June 2016 issue [in “Military Athletes Aim for Gold”], there appears “U.S. Naval Academy Cadet Lauren Barber.” I do not know the young lady, but I

am sure of one thing: As she is of the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md., she is a midshipman, and not a cadet. One could be a cadet at Annapolis only if one were visiting from [the U.S. Military Academy at] West Point, N.Y., or the Air Force Academy [in Colorado Springs, Colo.]. Those en- rolled at Annapolis are midshipmen. —Col. Rufus Calhoun Young Jr., USMC (Ret) Life Member via email

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