Products Illumination

LLPX and LLPX-H series Smart Vision Lights has released the LLPX and the LLPX-H series, the second generations of the LLP backlight and

LLP-H diffuse ring light panel. These new versions give greater intensity with the same ease of mounting, along with a MultiDrive controller that delivers up to 10 times the power versus continuous wave (CW) operation. More light is reflected up and out through the diffusion acrylic of the products, thanks to an optically clear internal light dispersion grid and matte white-finished backing plate. While the standard LLPX-H comes with two different sized holes to accommodate a variety of stock camera mounts, custom sizes and multiple hole designs are also available.

The LLPX and the LLPX-H series’ new MultiDrive controller combines two drives into one, with CW operation and overdrive high-pulse operation. Users can run the product in CW operation or strobe the light at the maximum allowed intensity.

Infrared cameras

Calibir GX Teledyne Dalsa has launched its Calibir GX series of long wave infrared cameras for industrial vision applications. Built to achieve frame rates of up to 90fps, the shutterless and small form factor GX series is ideal for non-destructive testing in applications that include food inspection, parts and packaging, and electronics inspection. The Calibir GX series is available in 320 x

240, and 640 x 480 pixel resolutions. With radiometric functionality, the cameras can measure temperatures between -25°C and +125°C. Advanced calibration allows the cameras to

deliver images within milliseconds upon power- up. GX thermal cameras deliver continued stable performance and are an ideal choice for long running, remote monitoring systems.

Flir ETS320

Flir Systems has launched the ETS320 thermal imaging solution for electronics testing in engineering environments. Designed specifically for benchtop work in testing and analysing the thermal characteristics of electronic components and printed circuit boards, the camera aims to advance testing and diagnosis accuracy in the electronics industry.

The ETS320 combines a high sensitivity

thermal camera with an adjustable, hands-free table stand to provide consistent, non-contact thermal testing. By offering more than 76,000

points of temperature measurement, the camera offers the ability to monitor power consumption, detect hot spots, and identify potential points of failure during product development. Flir designed the rechargeable, battery-

powered unit for quick and easy setup, so product developers can have an immediate, real-time view into the thermal performance of their designs.


IMX273 and IMX287 1/3-inch sensors Sony has launched the IMX273 and the IMX287, two powerful 1/3-inch sensors now available from Framos.

With a resolution of 1.6 megapixels (IMX273) and high sensitivity in VGA quality (IMX287), both provide distortion-free image quality in moving vision systems. Notably, with image rates of up to 437fps, the new sensors support fast applications in machine vision and diagnostics, as well as monitoring and traffic. The IMX287 achieves maximum speed with a resolution of 0.4 megapixels and up to 437fps at 10-bit. Its global shutter, together with its high sensitivity and 6.9µm pixel size, provide high performance at a fast shutter speed, boosting inspection speed and enabling a high degree of sensitivity in the near-infrared with high quantum efficiency. The IMX273 can achieve 226fps with a resolution of 1.6 megapixels and a pixel size of 3.45µm. This makes the sensor ideal for inspecting surfaces for defects or scratches, as well as for detailed image analysis in medical technology, monitoring and traffic. The speed can be boosted further by creating

several regions of interest.

KAE-04471 and KAE-02152 On Semiconductor has expanded its portfolio of interline transfer electron multiplication CCD (IT-EMCCD) image sensors with new options that target not only low-light industrial applications such as medical and scientific imaging, but also commercial and military applications. The four-megapixel KAE-04471 sensor uses larger 7.4µm pixels than those found in existing IT-EMCCD devices, doubling the light-gathering capability of the new device and improving image

Atto320 12µm microbolometers Ulis, a manufacturer of thermal sensors, has launched the Atto320, the first in a family of 12µm image sensors.

Atto320 brings sharply focused images, compactness and extended battery-life to handheld camera makers. The advantage of offering Atto320 as a standalone component is that system integrators have ultimate flexibility in configuring designs that meet their specific performance needs.

The fully digital 320 x 240 pixel thermal image 50 Imaging and Machine Vision Europe • June/July 2017

quality under light-starved conditions. The KAE- 04471 is pin and package compatible with the existing eight megapixel KAE-08151, allowing camera manufacturers to use existing camera designs to support the new device. The KAE-02152 shares the same 1080p resolution and 2/3-inch optical format as the KAE-02150, but incorporates an enhanced pixel design to increase sensitivity in near-infrared wavelengths.

sensor (microbolometer) generates high-quality moving images thanks to its 60Hz frame rate, and an ease-of-use in handling with simple calibration. These features allow users to view fast moving objects, as well as observe scenes at distances of several hundred metres.

The sensor consumes less than 220mW at

60Hz, enabling extended autonomy of more than 10 hours for handheld systems. It is fully compatible with other Ulis products in the company’s 17µm Gen2 imaging sensor line.


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