Hyperspectral SDK The new version of the Photonfocus Hyperspectral SDK is designed to test hyperspectral imaging (HSI) cameras and guide the generation of hypercubes. The tool supports all vendor cameras using Imec’s HSI mosaic and line scan sensors. The SDK includes a wizard to guide the calibration process and code examples to help the user in the first implementation steps. The resultant hypercubes are stored in an ENVI band sequential (BSQ) file format, which contains a header file with the system setup and sensor

New software development kit BitFlow, a supplier of frame grabbers for machine vision, has upgraded its software development kit to the next generation SDK 6.30, which offers support for two of BitFlow’s latest products, the BitBox I/O break out box and the Aon-CXP frame grabber.

The BitBox provides 36 inputs and 36 outputs in a compact, DIN-rail mounted, compact form factor that supports TTL, LVDS, open collector, opto-isolated and 24V signalling. Simple to deploy, it is controlled solely by a BitFlow frame grabber, using the same APIs and drivers. The Aon-CXP is the perfect frame grabber

information, and a file containing the hyperspectral data. ENVI output files can be opened and analysed by numerous image processing tools, such as Matlab.


for the new wave of low cost, single link CoaXPress cameras. It can be coupled with any of the current single link CXP cameras on the market to provide a solution that boasts a 1.6x data rate improvement over USB3, without the restrictions of a short cable. Among the new enhancements of the SDK 6.30 is BitFlow Preview, a new standard for live image viewing that replaces BitFlow SDK’s CiView viewer and provides users with a cleaner interface and smoother zooming all the way down to the pixel level.


Sick UK has launched its AppSpace, an open software platform for programmable sensors that system integrators and OEMs can use to develop and implement application solutions on Sick programmable devices. Sick AppSpace is supported by the new Sick SIM4000 sensor integration machine, a high- performance, multicore processor that can integrate multiple cameras and sensors together with powerful image processing. Data from Sick sensors and vision devices can be merged into a point cloud, evaluated, archived, and transmitted via the SIM4000. It can be used in factory and logistics automation for multi-sensor

or camera-based inspection for measurement and identification, as well as for data acquisition. Through the AppSpace, developers have access to industry standard image processing libraries including Halcon. They can work with their preferred programming technologies including Graphical Flow Editor, Lua scripting tools, C++ or Java. There are many integrated support functions, such as auto completion, so that programmable sensor app developments will insert themselves easily into existing development processes. All software components are combined by the

PackageBuilder into a single package that safely defines access rights.


W th Intercon 1, you’ll get world-class machine vision cable solutions:

Wiith Intercon 1, you’ll get world-class machine vision cable solutions: • Turnkey design assistancurnkey design assistance/engineering support • Customized fl ex testing to prevent any downtime • Custom overmolds and connector orientations tottionsi

ed fl om o ermolds andld d c fi t any requirement

With Intercon 1, you’ll minimize your downtime and keep your customer’s cell operational.

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QualityWorX Vision Sciemetric Instruments has released QualityWorX Vision, a flexible data management and analytics platform that harnesses machine vision image data to help drive quality and productivity. The platform sets a new standard for managing and using large amounts of real time data, such as those expected for Industry 4.0. Images and image data can be collected and archived in a centralised database, from either a single station or an entire production line. More @imveurope

importantly, this image data can then be analysed with other datasets. QualityWorX Vision allows quality and manufacturing engineers to: collect and store images; launch, calibrate and set limits for machine vision stations faster; eliminate silos by collecting data from a single, multiple or all the machine vision stations on a plant floor; and collect data from major image vendors such as Cognex and Keyence into one system.

or orien i

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