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Embedded special

Embedded vision 16 News

Lakesight buys Chromasens l acquires ShapeDrive l

from UKIVA and EMVA VDMA news

Anne Wendel at VDMA Machine Vision discusses the VDMA’s Europe Works campaign

Profile Export control Automotive

Rob Ashwell on vision sensors for autonomous vehicles

Show: Laser World of Photonics


The latest vision equipment Suppliers’ directory

Find the suppliers you need Q&A


Imaging technology at Europe’s largest photonics trade fair, held in Munich from 26 to 29 June

46 52 54

Barry Warzak, founder of Midwest Optical Systems


Greg Blackman looks at Cognex’s recent acquisition activity in 3D vision


David Santorum at Spectaris and Jennifer Douris at SPIE discuss new export control reforms taking place in Europe and the US

16 Wenglor industrial inspection subsidiary l

Leica establishes News

8 32 4

Greg Blackman asks how machine vision suppliers can tap into the embedded market

Security Robotics

Mike Aldred from Dyson on the development of the 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner

Retail Baseball Agriculture Neural networks Computer vision 29

RetailNext’s Mark Jamtgaard explains vision analytics for tracking shoppers


Steven Cadavid at Kinatrax reveals how vision kept Chicago Cubs’ baseball pitchers free from injury


Matthew Dale looks at the robots harvesting crops like broccoli and lettuce


Professor Jitendra Malik from UC Berkeley believes deep learning is computer vision’s new common language


Dr Andrew Schofield at the UK Visual Image Interpretation in Human and Machines network asks what computer vision can learn from biological vision

Embedded vision products

Including Allied Vision’s new ASIC camera line

40 26

Michael Tusch at ARM argues embedded vision is set to disrupt the surveillance sector

28 20 Leader Greg Blackman In bed with embedded W

elcome to the June/July issue of Imaging and Machine Vision Europe. Tis issue contains a special supplement on

embedded vision, a potentially massive market for imaging technology, but one that the machine vision world is only just beginning to tap into. Te Embedded Vision Summit in Santa Clara,

California, at the beginning of May, was a good place to get an idea of the scale of the market. Representatives from Google, Intel, Microsoſt, General Motors, Xilinx, Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Sony were all presenting or giving tutorials. Marc Pollefeys, director of science at Microsoſt, gave a keynote about the embedded vision inside the Hololens augmented reality headset, while Michael Tusch at ARM spoke about how embedded vision has the potential to disrupt the surveillance market (see page 26). Half of the technical insight presentations at the conference focused on deep learning and neural networks, computing based on artificial intelligence that has seen an explosion in use in the embedded vision community over the last three years (more on deep learning on page 36). Machine vision suppliers have, traditionally, been

outside this market, largely down to price. But, companies like Basler and Allied Vision are now targeting it – Allied Vision launched a €99 camera at the summit. Embedded processing could also infiltrate industrial inspection, so companies like Basler and Allied Vision and others are adapting to cater for that eventuality.

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