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Upgraded CX series Baumer has upgraded its CX series with the latest CMOS sensors and up to 12-megapixel resolution. The new firmware release 2 has sped up the

CX’s image processing to greater than 1,000fps by region of interest selection. A new standard- compliant sequencer in conjunction with the existing burst mode also opens up a wide range of possibilities in dynamic applications. The CX cameras are supplied in 29 x 29mm housings with Python sensors from VGA to 5-megapixel resolution. They are suitable for use in dynamic tasks in packaging, food and beverage, medical technology and many other industries. With the new sequencer, camera settings can be changed during the acquired image sequence. This is possible at maximum sensor speed and independent of the interface bandwidth thanks to burst mode and integrated image memory. For tasks in glass inspection, for example, different types of illumination can be controlled via the camera outputs to synchronise exposure times with each and every acquired image.

GO-2400-USB and GO-5101-PMCL JAI has introduced two more models to its Go series of small and durable industrial cameras. The new GO-2400-USB features 2.35-megapixel resolution and the Sony Pregius IMX174 CMOS image sensor. With a high performance USB3 Vision interface, the GO-2400-USB models (monochrome and colour) offer frame rates of up to 159fps at full resolution.

The GO-5101-PMCL models (monochrome and colour) feature the Sony Pregius IMX264 CMOS image sensor, with 5.1-megapixel resolution and a frame rate of 35.6fps. The camera is equipped with a Power over Mini Camera Link interface, but can

also be run through a separate four-pin connector. The new models offer features including binning functions, region-of-interest, lookup tables, sequencer trigger modes, auto level control (auto gain/shutter), and more. They measure 29 x 29 x 41.5mm, excluding lens mount, and weigh 46g.

MvBlueCougar-X104bUV Matrix Vision has equipped its MvBlueCougar- X104bUV with a Cmosis CMV4000 sensor covered by UV-permeable quartz glass instead of the microlenses. The camera is designed for image processing applications in the UV range, such as laser technology, semiconductor inspection and food product inspection. The camera can also be adjusted to a customised variant according to preference, or adapted with an alternative I/O configuration. The camera offers a variety of smart features like flat field correction, colour correction, and

UI-5260FA and UI-5280FA The first industrial cameras from the new GigE uEye FA series from IDS are now available – the UI-5260FA and UI-5280FA models. The housing, connectors, lens barrels and cables all meet the requirements for protection class IP65/67 and protect the camera from dirt, dust, water splashes or cleaning agents, as well as accidental shifts in the optics. Other features include screw-in connections and Power over Ethernet for single cable operation up to 100 metres. The cameras are available with a choice of the IDS software suite or, in future, GigE Vision firmware.

The UI-5260FA model with a Sony IMX249 2.35-megapixel CMOS sensor provides standard image formats of 4:3 and 16:9. At full resolution of 1,936 x 1,216 pixels, it delivers 47fps, fully utilising the GigE bandwidth. With its exceptionally high dynamic range and outstanding signal-to-noise ratio, it ensures high contrast and practically noise- free images, which are impressive even in low or fluctuating light conditions.

48 Imaging and Machine Vision Europe • June/July 2017

HV-FXXX three-CCD models Hitachi Kokusai Electric Europe has released a set of cameras each with three CCD sensors, offering VGA and SXGA resolution. Both cameras are available either with GigE Vision or Mini Camera Link interfaces.

The cameras offer a resolution of 640 x 480 or 1,280 x 960 pixels, a frame rate up to 200fps at full resolution, simple installation and a size of only 55 x 55 x 89mm. They provide benefits for all areas of image processing, machine vision and medicine, especially for uses where high colour reproduction and fast frame rates are needed. These cameras include additional functions such as: C-Mount; square pixels with sizes of 7.4µm for HV-F32GV/SCL, 3.75µm for HV-F130GV/

SCL and 4.4µm for HV-FM202GV/SCL; frame rates up to 200fps at RGB 36-bit; standard and customer-specific trigger functions; an electronic shutter from 1/30 seconds up to 1/100,000 seconds, or variable; up to eight seconds for long term integration; a frame-on-demand function; two-dimensional automatic shading correction; and prices from €2,500.

white balance settings, which can be used directly on the camera. The 64MB image memory ensures image transfer without loss and serves as a buffer. The camera is fully compatible with GenICam and GigE Vision. Drivers are available for Windows and Linux. It supports all image processing libraries of third- party suppliers compliant with GigE Vision.

Moovcam video camera Nexvision has introduced the Moovcam, a high- performance video camera offering 4K resolution at 60fps based on the Sony IMX253 global shutter image sensor. The camera is ideal for use in machine vision, surveillance and 360° live panoramas in transportation. The camera is available in either USB-C or PCIe variants. The fibre optic connection offers

remote access for harsh environments, such as electromagnetic areas or hard-to-reach points. The camera also offers a dedicated fibre optic link for up to 20Gb/s throughput, frame grabbing synchronisation with an opto-isolated input, and a 12-pin Hirose LF10WBRB-12S, which provides a power input, two opto-isolated digital inputs and two opto-isolated digital outputs.


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