Wenglor invests in 3D vision with ShapeDrive acquisition

Automation company Wenglor Sensoric has purchased ShapeDrive, a Munich-based provider of 3D vision measurement technology. Te takeover took place at the beginning of May. ShapeDrive’s technology is based

on structured light projection. Te pixel sensors with various resolutions, working distances, measuring volumes and dot pitches create 3D point clouds from which object sections can be evaluated or reference model comparisons generated. ShapeDrive products will be

integrated into Wenglor’s portfolio and further developed at the WenglorMel facility in Eching near Munich. Te ShapeDrive research and development department will be incorporated into this site. Dr Matthias Rottenkolber, managing

director of ShapeDrive, said: ‘[Wenglor Sensoric] has an outstanding, internationally aligned sales network and well developed production capacity.’


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Leica Camera establishes industrial inspection subsidiary

eica Camera has established LC Light and Imaging Systems, a subsidiary that will focus on developing customer-specific

optical systems for industrial applications, such as 3D inspection. Jakob Bleicher (pictured) is managing

director of the Munich-based subsidiary and, together with Leica board member Markus Limberger, is responsible for the management of LC Light and Imaging Systems. LC Light and Imaging Systems’ team of eight

specialists, led by Bleicher, possess many years of in-depth experience in the fields of industrial optics, photographic and laboratory technology, as well as in consulting services for the optical and optoelectronic sectors. Te team of developers will also be able to

take advantage of the manufacturing facilities operated by Leica Camera in Wetzlar, Germany, and at its second factory in Portugal, for the production of components for industrial optical systems. Te company will develop optical systems for

applications like 3D measurement and high- performance inspection in industrial contexts.

Bleicher commented: ‘From our point of

view in Munich, the founding of LC LIS brings extremely attractive benefits for our customers. ‘Tanks to Leica Camera’s two high-

tech production facilities, we now have the opportunity to offer our customers the complete product cycle – from optical design and construction, to prototyping and serial production of high-end lenses.’

News from EMVA By Thomas Lübkemeier

The second Control Vision Talks organised by EMVA at the Control show in Stuttgart, Germany included three dozen presentations and attracted more than 500 attendees. One third of all exhibitors at Control came from abroad, underlining the international significance of the quality assurance trade fair. The event organiser once again compiled a special guide explaining how machine vision can be used in measurement and testing, and many of the exhibiting companies showed that what used to be two distinct disciplines of measurement and machine vision, has now

become increasingly interlinked. Coming up soon is the 15th EMVA business conference, taking place from 22 to 24 June in Prague. The conference will have a well-balanced programme of presentations on important machine vision topics, along with inspiring keynote speeches and ample time for networking. Furthermore, as in previous

years, the winner of the EMVA young professional award will be announced, with the recipient giving a presentation on their work. More information on the

programme and how to get one of the remaining conference passes can be

4 Imaging and Machine Vision Europe • June/July 2017

found at

Right after the summer break, from 6 to 8 September, EMVA will bring together vision experts from industry and academic research at the second European Machine Vision Forum, which will be held in Vienna in co-operation with the Austrian Institute of Technology. The focal topic of this event is: ‘next generation vision systems for industry – computational imaging, machine learning and more’. For details about the programme and how to register, please visit And finally, preparations are under

way for a brand new conference taking place on 12 to 13 October at the ICS Stuttgart, right next to the trade show halls. This is the first Embedded Vision Europe conference organised by EMVA in co-operation with Messe Stuttgart. The conference will provide the first platform on European soil to give comprehensive information on embedded vision hardware, new ways of image acquisition, new software trends such as deep learning, and the new players in the market. More information about this new

conference can be found at


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