Vision conglomeration Lakesight buys Chromasens

Lakesight Technologies has acquired line scan imaging company Chromasens. Chromasens is now the third company in the Lakesight group, joining Tattile, bought in 2012, and Mikrotron, purchased in 2015. Based in Konstanz, Germany, Chromasens’

core expertise is in line scan technology including cameras, lights and custom imaging solutions. It has around 60 employees, the majority of which are in R&D, and sales of €10 million. Chromasens was established in 2004 as a

result of a management buyout from Ocè Group, led by the current managing directors Markus Schnitzlein and Martin Hund. Both managers have been reconfirmed in their positions and the company will continue to operate independently. Schnitzlein commented: ‘We are pleased to

join Lakesight, which we see as a strong partner that can sustain Chromasens in our next phase of development.’ Hund added: ‘As part of Lakesight we will continue our growth path through investment in new technologies, developing projects with blue-chip customers and expanding

our international sales leveraging Lakesight’s resources and sales network.’ Corrado Franchi, board member of Lakesight,

said: ‘Te acquisition of Chromasens fits perfectly with the Lakesight portfolio, as it is complementary on all levels to the existing group members. Furthermore, the fact that the Chromasens management stays on board, ensures stability and continuity.’ Te Chromasens acquisition provides

Lakesight with a portfolio of line scan machine vision cameras and access to 3D and hyperspectral technologies. Te acquisition is backed by Ambienta, a

European private equity fund that owns Lakeside Technologies. By creating Lakesight Technologies in 2015, Ambienta’s aim was to overcome some of the issues smaller companies face – 90 per cent of machine vision suppliers have a turnover of less than €10 million – by establishing a European platform comprised of smaller synergic players that can share sales channels, management resources and investment programmes.

Edmund Optics celebrates 75th anniversary

Edmund Optics is 75 years old this year. The optics firm was founded as Edmund Salvage in 1942.

The company has its origins in Philadelphia, repairing and selling surplus optical supplies from the US army. At this time, founder Norman Edmund priced a pcx lens at 10¢ and an achromat at 25¢. The first Edmund Scientific catalogue was released in 1943, and since then the company has provided supplies for the space race in the 1950s and 1960s, and the 95¢ Barlow lens used in a colour camera on the Apollo 11 lunar mission. In the 1980s, Edmund Scientific split

into Edmund Scientific and Edmund Industrial Optics. Edmund Optics has been on the cutting edge, with telecentric optics introduced in the late 90s, and new manufacturing capabilities in 2000 for high precision spherical components, optical prisms and high quality optical coatings. Today, Edmund Optics’ Cx series lenses feature a user-adjustable mid-section and have interchangeable accessories including filters, apertures and liquid lenses. ‘We’re very excited to be celebrating our 75th anniversary,’ said Marisa Edmund, executive vice

president of global sales and marketing at Edmund Optics. ‘It has been a long tradition of customer service and support in optics. At Edmund Optics, we believe that the future of the world depends on optics. Edmund Optics is ready to take these challenges by developing new technologies such as aspheric lenses and laser optics coatings to continue that tradition and to pave the way for the future.’ The company has 800 employees, with manufacturing in the United States, Japan, Singapore, and Southern China, and sales offices in Europe. It supplies more than 28,900 products.

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