PRODUCT NEWS PCDs are the answer for fl oor adhesive removal

THE Preparation Group has developed a solution for removing old, problematic floor adhesives and other sticky substances in the form of PCDs, polycrystalline diamonds that attach to a hand grinder or walk-behind grinding machine.

The Group is a leading expert in preparing, polishing and cleaning surfaces. So, to move away from traditional grinding methods, which have a tendency to generate surface heat the company’s PCDs are designed to scrape rather than grind to effi ciently ‘lift’ the material. They generate less heat so all cutting edges remain clear. This also halts the rendering of the surface residue, which makes it softer and stickier. Kate Walshaw, Hire Group Manager, said: “An example of PCDs in use is when a customer was presented with 50m2 of thick combed white adhesive that needed to be removed to install a DPM and levelling compound. “He needed a process that would smooth

and clean the surface. We recommended a triple tooth PCD plate attached to his STG450 machine and the material was quickly and eff ectively removed.” PCDs are available to remove thin or thick adhesives and in disc, shoe or plate format to fi t a fi ve-inch or nine-inch hand grinder, the STG450 machine, 180 and 250 grinders and all machines with plates that hold standard grinding shoes. They are also interchangeable with regular grinding shoes so in this way, a fl oor can be cleared of adhesives using the PCD’s, and then the cup discs fi xed to the plate ready for grinding. To save time, the PCDs can be left attached in the background. The Preparation Group’s PCD accessories have many additional uses over and above adhesive removal, including the removal of other soft thick materials from latex, screeds and certain asphalts. Kate added: “For Hire customers, the PCD plate adds yet another dimension to the already versatile STG450 multi- tasking machine.”

For further information or a demonstration, call 01522 561460 or email:

The new Falcon and Apollo from Solid Gear: high tech safety boots for the winter

INCORPORATING some of the most advanced technical features in safety boot design. With a focus on comfort and S3 safety, Solid Gear’s Falcon and Apollo boots are probably the most robust boots you can get for the winter months.

With durable uppers these heavy-duty boots will keep your feet dry and insulated so you can work comfortably in the roughest conditions on site.

What’s more, the new oil- and slip resistant Vibram soles deliver outstanding grip on snow and ice – even at low temperatures.

The Apollo has a premium full-grain impregnated leather upper while the

Falcon is a mix of full grain leather and a Cordura Rip Stop fabric.

Both boots deliver better water repellency and breathability than many other boots, while their fiberglass toecaps feature multilayer technology for a roomier toe box, while the new thinner and stronger composite plates add extra flexibility.

There’s over 30 boots and shoes in the Solid Gear Safety Footwear range, all of which integrate modern designs and sporty looks with best in class materials for comfort, protection and durability. Cut to the fi nish line faster with Mirka Iridium

A NEW robust abrasive designed to cut faster and more effi ciently, while repelling dust, was launched by Mirka UK in September. Aimed at bodyshops, workshops and industry, Iridium employs a new precision coating to speed up the sanding process. Iridium’s new multi-hole design and non- stick coating avoids loading or pilling from the dust that is created when the abrasive is in use – so the grains stay sharper for longer and the dust extraction is faster and more effi cient. Craig Daycock, Managing Director of Mirka UK, said: “Our customers want a

8 TBH October, 2018

user-friendly product that allows them to complete a job in the fastest possible time, while providing an effi cient overall process. Iridium meets these demands

with ease, while moving up a gear to take abrasive design, development and technology to the next level.” In addition, its blend of ceramic grains allows the initial cut to be more aggressive and longer lasting, while producing a consistent scratch pattern for the lifetime of the abrasive. Available in both discs and strips, Iridium's coarse and fi ne grits allow the abrasive to work well on both soft and hard surfaces. The product’s fl exible backing also off ers excellent grain adhesion and no loss of the grains, even when folded.

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