Autumn show brings a real spring to the steps of traders

THE Autumn TOOLBANK show at Dartford has always had something of a ‘return to school’ feel after a long summer break.

The chats are cheerfully friendly, and past and present colleagues and friends often spend a bit of time catching up with news before getting down to the business of negotiating and closing deals ready for the new season, writes PETER BRETT.

Add to the mix the ample parking nearby, a good free lunch, unlimited coffee and tea and places to sit while you consider your purchases – then it is easy to see why it is a popular event.

It’s all about the deals

The TOOLBANK Autumn Show guide has a myriad of offers and deals from over a hundred manufacturers, and is a good starting point for finding deals.

For ToolBUSINESS & HIRE Magazine, it is also a chance to catch up on the news and views - and to see what products

are being promoted. There is always something going on in the tool trade.

Changes, changes

Hitachi–HiKOKI had an understandably huge presence. The brand change to HiKOKI should be almost old news by now, because the company has made a tremendous effort to inform interested parties.

Hitachi has always been a steady and reliable brand, but it is hard not to notice the sparkle in the eyes and the confident swagger of the HiKOKI team as they set about demonstrating the new 18v/36v Multi volt tools in the range.

They have something to crow about – I have tried a few of them (reviewed in these pages), and I am certain they are up there with the best.

It always helps to have a little scenario to engage the punters, and HiKOKI’s Formula 1 Challenge was a great one. The goal? – to change a wheel on a mock-up Formula 1 car as quickly as possible, using the new 36v HiKOKI impact driver.

It looked easy enough and I reckoned I could notch up a competitive time, but sadly, my optimism was unfounded. After multiple attempts, the best I could manage was over five seconds.

The best times were under three! My future as a Formula 1 mechanic is no longer a dead cert.


Over at LEDLENSER I had a very interesting discussion about lumens, lux and lights. I was not really surprised to hear that the commonly used measure of lumens which is applied to torches for comparison is not really the full story.

Lux is an important measurement too, not to mention the quality of the LEDs

14 TBH October, 2018

themselves and the lenses and reflectors used in the torches.

This has left me with the job of doing some research into all of these terms, and perhaps writing an article as a guide to the subject to help users get to grips with the finer points.

Unendangered gorillas

Also impressive was the small but sticky (and growing) Gorilla Glue team, who were managing to grab attention by showing off a couple of tenpin bowling balls with rubber bungees Gorilla-glued to them.

Bouncing the balls in the air proved Gorilla Glue is indeed super strong and can be used on materials that don’t normally respond well to adhesives.

Two new adhesives in the range are Gorilla Clear and GorillaWeld. Gorilla Clear can be used in or outdoors, and is high strength and non-foaming so can be used where a thin glue line is essential.

Gorilla Weld is advertised as ‘Titanium Tough.’ It is a two-part adhesive that is able to withstand extremes of hot and cold and can be shaped, filed and sanded after curing.

I need to get some for a couple of jobs I have on the go at the moment.

I am also looking forward to receiving a few of the new tape measures from Advent and Komelon for review soon. A worksite essential, they are used a lot by all trades - so it is important that they are right for you.

I know from experience that not all tapes are created equal, and choosing the right one can save time and hassle.

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