skinned knuckles.

Torque wrenches too, are a must in most fixing applications and Stahlwille had one of its demo vans to showcase the company’s spanners, pliers and screwdriver sets, as well as one of its patented torque wrench testing and calibrating machines – all important for consistent accuracy and reliability in torque applications.

More in the mix

COAST torches are now very well established in the market with a range of headtorches, flashlights and utility knives that have appeal in a very wide range of applications – from law enforcement to angling.

Driver bits must be used in their hundreds of thousands every day in the UK alone and I’m looking forward to trying out a small set I was given by Cobit. Initial impressions are good because the accuracy of the milling and handy Bitset box show them to be high quality. A variety of sets for different trades and in different qualities are a must in this highly competitive market.

Fein Power Tools showed some of its newer models. The new tools do not

focus on the magic of the MultiMaster oscillating tools, but more on the metal cutting, grinding and fabrication tools that have been a traditional part of Fein’s key product offer. I was impressed by the compact 12v-sized cordless drill with the power of an 18v battery pack and compact SDS+ drill – it looked the business and I’d like to give that a try on- site one day.

Innovation Zone – who is the choice this year?

It seems we all like a bit of competition and the Innovation Zone had such an enormous range of different products. Whoever had to judge had a big job on their hands. If it was my choice I would select the Beeswift Light Vest with its illuminated LEDs to ensure workers definitely will be ‘hi-vis’ even on a dark wintery night.

Other contenders in my view, based on my own site work preferences are the Bluetooth LED light from Faithfull Tools. This rechargeable 20W site light will also play music from phone, tablet or MP3 players wirelessly and help brighten up a work day in several ways.

A very rugged-looking work glove from

Brighton Best International called the Kong Deck Crew Cut 5 features a four-layer palm for maximum abrasion resistance, and a level 5 cut resistance for the whole glove. Treated with Dupont Teflon, it is oil and water resistant and complies with the back of the hand protection standards that the oil and gas industry demands.


The seminar area was intimate but well- attended during the show. I watched a short seminar on how the European- based company ManoMano expands its business and gets customers and suppliers on board. A fascinating insight indeed, but not necessarily a choice that would suit the modus operandi of many UK companies.

Next year?

Torque Expo organiser, Jerry Ramsdale, has lots of ideas to expand the size and appeal of any future shows. We can’t tell the future from here, especially with Brexit looming, but one thing seems to be certain – the choice of the Ricoh Arena is a popular one with its easy access via motorway, plenty of free parking and simple food catering.


TBH October, 2018


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