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New KEMPER TheSlagger prevents prolonged downtime during cutting

THE new extraction table KEMPER TheSlagger, which is new to the European market, reduces downtime for automated cutting processes in comparison to traditional cutting tables. Its special discharge technique avoids time-consuming disassembly of the cutting table elements, reducing machine downtime. Usually, to see investment returns in cutting tables, machinery would have to be in constant operation and companies using older techniques must clean cutting tables regularly of slag and small parts to ensure long-term high productivity during the thermal cutting process. This is time consuming. KEMPER GmbH Managing Director, Björn

Kemper said: “With our new extraction table solution, KEMPER TheSlagger, the cost effi ciency of cutting systems immensely increases.” The effective extraction system ensures a high level of occupational safety and protects nearby machinery from cutting dust. KEMPER exclusively offers the patented technology provided by its US partner Owen Industries on the European market.

Automatic discharge into separate container

The integrated discharge system of KEMPER TheSlagger is crucial for reducing machine downtime. For normal extraction tables, companies have to dismantle the material support and remove the integrated slag containers from the cutting table in order to empty and clean them. This costs a lot of time, sometimes even several days.

Eff ective extraction and slag discharge with almost

no downtime

The patented discharge system moves along underneath the material support with a rack and pinion drive across the entire table, which collects slag and small

parts before the shield. At the end of the table, the system discharges this directly into a stand-alone container, which can be emptied while cutting processes continue. This process only takes a few minutes, meaning the plant is quickly back in operation for the cutting processes.

Capturing hazardous substances at the source

During the cutting processes, the system captures large quantities of cutting dust directly at the source. As it is divided into individual segments, the system only extracts dust in those places where the cutting is actually taking place – not along the entire table. This keeps the capacity needed for the extraction process low, while reducing energy costs compared to conventional systems.

Thanks to eff ective extraction, metal workers benefi t from increased occupational safety in two ways: fi rstly, hazardous substances do not contaminate the ambient air; and secondly, because employees no longer come into contact with hazardous substances when cleaning. Also, fi ne dust no longer settles on nearby machinery, which means the extraction system also contributes to the service life of the machines.

Two in one: Hand Grinder also becomes a Hand Chaser

THE Preparation Group off ers a single phase 110 volt 9’’ Hand Grinder and 5’’ Hand Grinder that with the addition of its steel cutting shield and cutting blades, turns them into heavy duty, portable and compact Hand Chasers.

For small shallow cutting or chasing projects The Preparation Group, a leading expert in preparing, removing and finishing surfaces, provides tools ideal for projects such as chasing into walls and creating expansion joints in concrete and flooring systems to allow for substrate movement.

Additionally, the Hand Chaser’s shield ensures both a safe, effi cient cutting action and attaches via ducting to an industrial vacuum, such as the company’s 202DS and M450 range, to prevent airborne dust particles.

The Group off ers a range of 4’’, 4.5’’, 5’’ 7’’ and 9’’ long-life, general purpose

4 TBH October, 2018

diamond blades suitable for most standard hand or trolley mounted saws, with the laser welded segments producing optimum cutting results on concrete, asphalt, stone, plaster, masonry, brick and tiles. There are also premium blades for tough projects.

Kate Walshaw, Hire Group Manager, said: “We have 25 years’ experience in the surface preparation industry, providing the highest quality machines, tools and accessories.

“They are built to last with little or no maintenance and minimal operating costs, to maximise hire rental opportunities.”

The Preparation Group manufactures and supplies high performance Surface Preparation Equipment and Tools for Hire/Cross Hire, along with complete

 QUARTER of a century: the two-in- one product comes after 25 years

of innovation, which is exclusive to Europe.

fl eet management; repairs, servicing, PAT testing, technical support and training.

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