for companies to showcase new products, the events of course also allow brands to offer special on-the-day deals.

Frequent exhibitor

Adam Gibson of TOOLBANK manned the stand for popular brand WD-40, in order to take visitors and clients in attendance through the company’s special trade-show offer.

Adam said: “For £399, WD-40 offered a trade counter deal which includes the wide specialist range of WD-40 cans plus 24 x 450ml smart straw cans - customers also get the stand thrown in for in-shop presentation."

Another frequent exhibitor at Toolbank is Scan Safety and the company’s Brand Manager, David Strong explained the company have been working on improving their product line.

He said: “We’ve a new product range coming out next spring ranging from new technology-based gloves to high- dexterity thin gloves, through to maximum protection gloves which are designed to improve cut resistance.

“We have also got an extended range of respiratory products coming out, and we’ve also recently launched all of our dipped gloves in new sizes – this is key for suppliers at shows like Toolbank, because it gives them a broader offering of a specific product.”

The company is set to release new ear protection products including the Class 5 Ear Defender and industrial silicon earplugs.

David added: “This allows us to get a hold of 15,000 customers across the UK and Ireland, and it would be near impossible for Scan to reach those types of people within the industry without TOOLBANK’S network.”

Teng Tools UK Area Sales Manager, Chris Ingleson said: “For our Impact Sockets, we’ve launched the new ¼” drive racket for all standard metric and imperial sizes.

SIMON Bicknell, Marketing Development Director for Toolbank

“Our company have tested these Impact Sockets against competitor products – we’ve even innovated the impact section of each product to stop ‘shading’.”

Chris added that Teng Tools, the Swedish manufacturer, provide life-time warranties including the company’s air tool range.

TOOLBANK’S DIY paint category included spray paint market leader and MOTOP DUPLI-owned, PlastiKote.

Alex Scott, Account Manager at PlastiKote, said: “TOOLBANK gives us an opportunity to see customers we’ve never met in person.

“It’s great to come here, because we can show attendees what’s trending in our market and introduce them to products they wouldn’t find elsewhere."

Simon Bicknell, Marketing Development Director for TOOLBANK, (above) was

delighted with how busy the three exhibitions had been over the September period, and how he is preparing for the final autumn show in Armagh, Ireland.

Great cross-section of people Simon said: “To have a show in the north of England means we attract people right from the top of Scotland, north-eastern areas of the UK such as Hull and right across North Wales – so it’s a big cross section of people. “Our exhibitors deserve a lot of credit because they’ve been right across the country with us – it’s kind of a road show and we’re a community.

“Toolbank also gives these exhibitors a chance to present new products, and we’re with them the entire way to help.

“We also provide a catalogue service to help our partners be able to present new products from a wide mix of companies within the tool and DIY sectors.”

KÄRCHER had a display of the latest high-pressure cleaners 16 TBH October, 2018

ALEX Scott, Account Manager at PlastiKote

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