‘Pay what you owe’: appeals for national campaign supporting UK’s builders, tradespeople and contractors

TENS of thousands of British tradespeople are not being paid for the work they have done, according to a new national campaign gathering pace. Backed by safety workwear and footwear designers Scruff s, a petition has been launched as part of the #PayWhatYouOwe campaign, in order to highlight the crippling consequences of unpaid invoices in the construction industry. A Scruff s spokesperson said: "Tradespeople are now increasingly at risk of severe fi nancial burdens and pressure on their businesses, as invoices are delayed or disputed by customers. “Imagine if your workplace refused to pay your salary – how would you pay your household bills, the mortgage and your general cost of living? “Our construction professionals work

incredibly hard through rain or shine to build our roads, fix our homes, and making our towns and cities nicer places to live – they [and their families] deserve better.” The petition, which has

acknowledges the severity of the issue, reminding supporters of the industry’s worth, which equates to nearly £164bn in the UK alone.

To enforce change, the petition seeks to provide tradespeople – particularly those who are self-employed – with more robust support. This could include establishing more rights for tradespeople, when it comes to chasing invoices long beyond their due date, and introducing enforceable fi nes for unpaid bills to deter any unnecessary late payments.

been growing more popular,

The petition goes on to acknowledge that over the past 20 years the media has been fl ooded with stories of cowboy builders not completing work and letting people down. However, delve a little deeper and in the majority of cases the reality for tradespeople is completely the opposite. The spokesperson continued: “Our #PayWhatYouOwe campaign, which kicked off with a campaign video on Facebook. The video is about more than encouraging quicker payments; it’s about respect.”

tradespeople’s rights, more can be found on the website:

Birchwood Price Tools new owners after signifi cant sale

AS of October, Birchwood Price Tools (BPT) changed ownership, having been sold by Travis Perkins PLC to tools supplier and distributor Toolstream Limited. BPT comprises a number of national brands across various sectors including Scruff s, Defender, Van Vault, and Rhino. The company, which employs 85 people at its Nottingham offi ces, will continue to operate as a standalone business, with the same teams and approach. Matt Hunt, BPT Managing Director (right), said: “The trust customers are placing in BPT, [along with] the pull from tradespeople and skilled professionals for BPT’s brands and the company’s results, are all speaking for themselves as the


company goes from strength to strength. “Travis Perkins was clear it would only sell BPT to an organisation that would off er the expertise and support to help us to continue, develop and implement our ambitious growth plans.” Matt added how BPT’s success has been built on strong partnerships with resellers in particular. Acquired by the Travis Perkins Group in 2011, BPT has doubled in size signifi cantly growing individual brand sales and market share in the construction-related sectors in which it competes. The BPT brands now join the existing portfolio of Toolstream, which includes the Triton, GMC, Dickie Dyer, Task and Bench Dog.

TBH October, 2018 13

If you want to support the petition and help to improve

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