Something to Torque about: new venue brings fresh faces to established expo

WITH over a hundred new and returning exhibitors, the new venue for Torque Expo at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena, home of Coventry City Football Club, seemed to be a popular choice writes PETER BRETT.

The show’s ambience, along with blue carpeting and subdued lighting, had a less frenetic pace that seemed to be more suited to networking and business discussions. With more tool manufacturer stands than dealers, there was a narrowing of the overlapping boundaries between manufacturers and the ‘in-between people’ (dealers). My guess is these boundaries will become less blurred as the commonalities are explored.

Fasteners and fixings – we cannot do without them

With many more stands representing the fastening industry there was a good balance between the new and old. I’m constantly surprised that items like woodscrews are still being changed and improved to make them suitable for an even wider variety of applications – especially specialist woodscrews.

Tite-Fix Ltd, for example, has looked again at point of sales displays and packaging, and made some important changes. Display stands have been reduced in size in order to become easier to slot into the odd corner here or there in a sales space. The smaller stands hold fewer screw boxes, but retailers will most likely welcome this because it means they can hold smaller stocks without tying up lots of capital. They are also easier to keep tidy and monitor when stock needs replacing.

In addition, Tite-Fix is looking again at packaging in order to eliminate any single-use plastic as well as making the screw sizes easier to identify to simplify customer picking. Also, soon to be replaced, are plastic bulk boxes, trays and plastic windows in screwboxes.

Elsewhere in ToolBUSINESS + HIRE Magazine’s October edition, I have reviewed the new Spectre screws from ForgeFix – again a series of innovations on cost, practicality and easy product identification that will play well in the market.


Occasionally I have the need for using a riveter, so the equipment I have is simple. It was an eye-opener to visit the

24 TBH October, 2018

Titgemeyer stand, where I was treated to a few demos of just how flexible and innovative modern riveting can be. Powered by batteries or compressed air, the Titgemeyer riveters are perfect for small batch production and one-off jobs. They offer safe and effective operation as well as a range of riveting and fixing options that really need to be explored in depth to fully understand the range.

But we still need wrenches and spanners

As traditional as they come, spanners and wrenches are still being developed as engineering changes. Gone are bulky- headed spanners – replaced with sleek, slim and strong spanners that can fit into combined spaces and still give an accurate fit to minimise the chances of

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