New online services from TOOLBANK

In addition to enabling all sorts of offers for customers, TOOLBANK is aware that members can’t afford to ignore online sales and have therefore adopted a series of online services. Among these is Home Delivery – TOOLBANK will deliver to a

dealer’s customer for an agreed carriage and packing charge. This saves the customer a second visit to a shop.

Some retailers still find the expense and hassle of starting and maintaining a website too much.

With the B2C website all the dealer needs to do is provide a

link to the TOOLBANK website where the shopper can browse, order and purchase goods.

TOOLBANK is able to fully administer this system on the retailer’s behalf. With several other online services on offer, smaller retailers especially should look at these to help grow their businesses.

FORGEFIX'S Spectre range provides a unique design across standard sizes.

Brian Trevaskiss (Centre right) with his Forgefix team Leeds united in hailing event

SEPTEMBER was an important month for TOOLBANK, as the business prepared to host their four autumn exhibitions across England and Ireland, writes


After the first two successful exhibitions in Kent and London, September 20th brought about the month’s third TOOLBANK show at Leeds United’s Elland Road.

The event was probably the most diverse of September’s shows due to its northern- based reach, attracting visitors from the north of England and Wales, and the whole of Scotland.

As always, the innovative TOOLBANK event was well received by the many visitors and exhibitors who attended the one-day event.

Brian Trevaskiss, Marketing Manager at Forgefix, said: “One of the main products we sell is multi-purpose wood screws, and we’ve been developing the new item mid- range screw called Spectre – which we launched at Toolbank in Maidstone, Kent.

“We’ve been working on this mid-range screw because that particular market (mid-range) is the strongest – so we’re going all out on Spectre.

“The screw itself has features to make it perform to a higher level compared to

@ToolBUSINESS others in the mid-range market.

“Now, although these features appear on other screws within the market, the combination that we’ve selected is unique.

“For example, on Spectre the reamer thread is lower down to improve performance, while on other screws you’ll find the reamer thread higher up, which doesn’t work properly.”

Forgefix’s Spectre sizes range from 3.0 x 12mm to 6.0 x 180mm and the company have also brought a high level of innovation to the new product’s packaging.

Every box provides scale drawing of the screws. This allows customers to measure up and make sure they have the right size, which is handy for merchants and saves time.

Donald de Reus, Customer Service Representative at Crescent, a company owned by Apex Tool Group, spoke about their new products and innovations.

He said: “First we’ve got the 44’’ Indexing Deck Removal Bull Bar, which provides a double-fork design for a balanced lift on both sides of the nail. Its manual use makes removing wooden boards and nails

faster, cleaner and all with less effort.

“We’ve also got the interchangeable 7-in-1 Screwdriver, which can be used as a T-handle grip, and the new Tongue and Groove Pliers, which provides better grip and has a range of sizes to reduce the damage of pipes.”

Toolbank regulars Flex Tools were also in attendance with their new cordless product, the MX218-EC Brushless and Cordless Mixer.

Flex National Account Manager, Morten Wimshurst said: “The new cordless mixer comes available as body-only, or body- only with two batteries and a charger, with the final set including a paddle too.

“Our cordless range is growing rapidly, but it’s a natural evolution to bring a cordless mixer into our range because we’re very much involved in the dry lining market.”

Stuart Colclough, Flex UK Sales Manager, admitted that Toolbank is vital for the company.

He added: “To see two hundred customers in one day would be impossible without TOOLBANK. So, being involved in these shows allows us to present our brand and introduce our new products to a few hundred-plus customers.”

TOOLBANK exhibitions are not just useful 15

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