Best for purpose products at best for budget terms

THE COAST torch brand needs no introduction. It’s a tried and tested global winner which is one of the market’s fastest growing names in the torch and head-light sector.

The U.S. torch brand entered the UK market in July 2012, and from their Market Harborough, Leicestershire, head offi ce have quickly become a staple in the marketplace.

In six years over a million COAST torches and head-torches have gone into daily use in the UK & Ireland. COAST are undoubtably one of the few true dedicated specialists in the sector, with a world-renowned range of products.

Their products are specifi cally designed to produce “superior beam quality” to most other brands and are backed by more than 300 worldwide patents. The quality of the beam is the single most important feature of any COAST torch and headtorch, and users will see a diff erence in quality compared to other brands.

Optimum output

COAST work hard at understanding consumers who use their products and their own individual needs, and the company works constantly to make them more eff ective.

Their focus is not only on optimum light output, but also beam quality, beam distance, one handed focus adjustment, beam locking, coloured LED and providing ultra-violet options.

COAST’s fl exible re-charging options allow torches to remain in constant use while recharging low batteries and extended run- times – allowing use over a whole day or night shift.

Managing Director Tim Sparrow said: “The COAST G19 inspection torch is a proven massive-seller across the industrial sector and also all other main trade sectors such as building, plumbing, electrical and automotive. It’s important dealers know this is a product they will sell, and we know customers love.”

The COAST G19 fi ts inside overalls, with a clip to keep it stored. It takes a single AAA battery and has a comprehensive fi ve-year guarantee for 100,000 hours of service life. It also costs a maximum of £9.95.

The patented COAST Inspection Beam pattern usually exceeds the expectations of a user, and is designed for close up inspection - with a perfect circular beam and complete uniformity across the beam.

COAST’s popular promotional package option range of ten counter display units are custom and built to hold the most popular selling COAST products. Their 'Tower of Power' unit is proven to increase in-store awareness and improve sales of COAST’s 18 head-torches – which all have a sensible qualifying order level (mainly four to six pieces per model).

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