Pregnancy: Your Time to

Bloom and Blossom is an award winning, natural, solution-focused skincare range created by Christina Moss and Julia Yule, sisters in law, mothers and self-confessed beauty junkies.

We believe in the importance of using natural skin care products, created with natural plant based ingredients. This is especially true for pregnant mothers and babies, when the skin is extra sensitive.

Our products are made from only the finest natural botanicals, using the highest levels of active ingredients. Our hero ingredients include: Argan Kernel Oil, which helps improve skin elasticity found in our Anti-Stretch Mark Oil; Shea Butter which is a great emollient that helps soothe and soften the skin found in our Anti-Stretch Mark Cream and Baby Balm; Horsetail Leaf Extract which helps increase collagen production found in the Rejuvenating Facial spritz; Anti-Stretch Mark Cream and Anti-Stretch Mark Oil and Indulgence Bath Oil and Passionflower Extract which is a wonderful emollient, high in vitamin E and fatty acids found in our Nip & Lip Soothing Balm.

At Bloom and Blossom we have a “NO NASTIES” policy and we never use parabens, petroleum, sodium laureth, sodium laurel sulphate (sls), xenoestrogen, phthalates, artificial colourants, synthetic fragrance, petrochemicals, harsh detergents or toxic ingredients in our pregnancy, mother or baby products, that are so often found in other “natural” skincare ranges.

loom and

lossom… Ten Ways To Feel Beautiful In Pregnancy

1. Look After Your Skin

Your skin goes through a lot during pregnancy, so it’s worth investing in some anti-stretch mark products. It’s best to start using them before those silvery lines appear as they’re much harder to cure than prevent. Try to choose a natural product. We’d recommend applying our Anti-Stretchmark Cream or Oil as soon as you get the great news that you’re pregnant – and use daily until after you’ve given birth.

2. Take Some Time Out

Relaxation is key when you’re pregnant – don’t forget you are growing a little person in there, a hard enough job without everything else you have to get done in the day. Taking time out for yourself is as important as eating well and staying fit, and one of the best ways to do this is to take a bath or have a massage. We’re really rather partial to a relaxing soak using our Indulgence Bath Oil – it’s pregnancy safe, and even better, it’s 100% natural and moisturizing as well.

3. Get Your Face On

Okay, so you may be exhausted, you may not recognize your own body, you may not even be able to put your own shoes on – but if you’re used to wearing make-up then a touch of mascara or a slick of lippy can do wonders for your confidence. Our Rejuvenating Facial Spritz is a fantastic skin conditioner which helps improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles and dark shadows. Plus, most women find that their hair looks healthier and thicker than ever.


not that you’re growing more, just that due to pregnancy hormones you’re losing less – so make the most of those beautiful locks!

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