Finding time to do a safe and effective workout can be really tough at the best of times, let alone whilst looking after little ones! If you are post 6 weeks vaginal birth, 12 weeks post c-section then a gentle and safe return to exercise will help your recovery, whilst helping to energise you and combat common Mum based aches and pains.

Try out my super quick and easy, yet challenging workout below.

Pear Projects Studio N ew Y r ew Wrot a ea, N It’s an interval training set up, so I’m

going to encourage you to work for 40-45 seconds, then rest for 20-15 seconds to round off a minute per exercise. Try as many rounds as you have time for!

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1) Squats - Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart, bend at your knees as if sitting back into a chair whilst keeping your head up. Drive through your heels and push through the legs back up to standing. EXHALE as you stand. 40-45 seconds.

2) Forward Lunge - Standing with your feet close together. As you inhale step forwards with confidence, bending both knees and allowing your back heel to pop up off the floor. EXHALE as you push from your front foot back to standing. Repeat on the other leg. 40-45 seconds.

Find time for you!

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and core connection/strengthening » Holistic Core Restore® » Post Natal Power Plate®

3) Punches - Stand with your feet shoulder width apart (for a more challenging workout squat down!), clench your fists and punch out in front of yourself as fast as you can (changing the punching hand each time). Try and EXHALE as you ‘jab’ forward. 40-45 seconds.

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4) Standing High Knees - Standing tall, lift one knee up as high as it can go, raising your hands out in front of your body and you are tapping your knee to arms or elbow. Repeat side to side as quickly as you can whilst maintaining a tall posture and soft landing of the feet. Try and EXHALE as you lift the knee up. 40-45 seconds.

5) Bridge - Lie on your back on the floor. Place your feet on the floor, bending at the knee. Press firmly into both feet as you peel your pelvis, lower back then middle back off the floor, aiming to get your hips as high as possible, squeezing your bottom as you ‘drive up’. Try and EXHALE as you lift your hips up high. Slowly and purposefully set the back down again, then repeat! 40-45 seconds.

REPEAT YOUR WORKOUT! Don’t forget to save 5 minutes at the end for your stretch…

Sarah Pearson 07957 940 330

Why The EXHALE? A purposeful exhale (try through pursed lips) will help connect deeply and thoroughly to your entire core and pelvic floor muscles - essential for every woman! Aim to lift the pelvic floor and tummy muscles.

Sarah is a wellness coach specialising in ante- and post-natal fitness, core and pelvic floor recovery/strengthening and Power Plate®

Author, Sarah Pearson, Holstic Core Restore Coach Editor, Helen McClorry, Babies on board Magazine.

You can find her in around Tring, Berkhamsted, Hemel Hempstead, Chesham & Leighton Buzzard.

training. , Tel. 07957 940330

LOCATION: Pear Projects Studio, 1 Windsor Road, Pitstone, Buckinghamshire LU7 9GB

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