Baby-wearing is when you carry your baby on your body in a sling or baby carrier while you are out and about, or juggling household chores at home.

Parents have been babywearing around the world for centuries, so it must have benefits Here are ust a few…

• Babywearing is said to help your little one to feel secure and content, and in fact to become a less clingy, confident toddler.

• For both mothers AND fathers, babywearing can increase the bond between parent and child. Keeping your little one close will give you peace of mind

 Specifically or mothers, babywearing encourages the release o oxytocin, the eel good hormone that lowers the risk of depression post partum, and can help stimulate milk production.

• For your tiny newborn, there is nothing better than the familiar smell of Mum or Dad, and falling asleep to the calming sound of your heartbeat.

 Babywearing can also aid the symptoms o colic and reux and relaxes your ussy baby. t also reduces the likelihood o lat Head Syndrome as babies spend less time in car seats and lying at on their backs.

 t keeps your hands ree to care or other children too

There are endless options of carriers, wraps and slings to choose from, but make sure you do your research beore making your decision. A good carrier has to oer proper, hipriendly positioning or the baby and proper support and comort or you. Always ollow the instructions or your chosen sling. n general your sling should:

• Be tight and secure; • Keep your baby visible and kissable;  Hold your baby with its chin o its chest • Support YOUR back.

For professional sling advice locally:

• Visit George and the team at Groovystyle, orthbridge oad, Berkhamsted, HP EH and use your Babies on board discount

Find the nearest sling library:findasling library-near-you •

At Suidge  Smudge Handmade we have both been baby-wearing and now we make baby wearing friendly outfits using rganic and ekoTex abrics, making sure your little one is snug as a bug.

Authors, BoglarkaApostolne Haui  udit Charman, Suidge  Smudge Handmade Childrens Clothing.

Editor, Helen cClorry, Babies on board againe.

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