Nourishing The Body & Mind During Pregnancy

First Trimester - Tired, Nauseous, Keeping a Secret? Although you cannot have any beauty treatments until you are at least fourteen weeks pregnant, here are some tips to help you feel better:

Meditation – Rising levels of progesterone may leave you feeling tired & sluggish. Use Youtube to find guided meditations from as little as 5 minutes to switch off, nourish & revive your mind. You could also look up hypnobirthing techniques to start practicing too. Or if meditation isn’t for you, an afternoon nap will help boost your energy levels.

Pamper & Prepare Your Skin – Treat yourself to a long relaxing shower then cocoon yourself in a shea or cocoa butter based moisturiser to nourish and deeply hydrate your skin and calm your mind. Why not follow this with an early night?

Look at the Food You Eat - Aim for three regular meals daily, e.g. breakfast, lunch & evening meal. Never skip breakfast! This starts the day with a kickstart to your metabolism, helping the body to use nutrition properly.

Eat a Variety of Fruit and Vegetables - Aim for a rainbow of colours to ensure the variety of vitamins and minerals and don’t skimp on green leafy vegetables that are packed full of folate. Fish provides omega 3 & 6 which have heart protecting properties but aim for once or twice a week only. Cut down on saturated fat e.g. full fat dairy, lots of fatty meat, fats and oils, treats such as cake, chocolate, biscuits and crisps as these can lead to substantial weight gain while pregnant.

Reduce Your Salt Intake - Sodium affects blood pressure and causes high blood pressure (hypertension).

Drink Plenty of Fluids – Water prevents dehydration and allows for normal bodily function. The human body is made up of 60-70% water. The average adult needs 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day, which is 6 to 8 glasses.

Second Trimester - Bump Beginning to Show, Boosted Energy?

Once you hit week fourteen of pregnancy, you can have a pregnancy massage. Your therapist will be able to listen to your needs and create a bespoke treatment to suit you. As well as providing relaxation, massage has massive benefits for your ever changing body such as boosting circulation, reducing swelling, targeting aches & pains, nourishing the skin… all promoting a healthy pregnancy.

Stay active, and try to join a local Pregnancy Pilates class, or Yoga where you can meet other pregnant ladies and look after your body.

Third Trimester - Expectant, Achy, Overdue? As you are preparing for birth, keep up regular massage to help relieve tiredness.

Think about booking reflexology - The focus of reflexology is to achieve homeostasis – keeping the body working at equilibrium. A technique called “Priming for Labour” is used after 37 weeks to help prepare for labour through stimulating the release of hormones such as oxytocin & adrenaline.

Author, Lucie Fountain, Salon Director at Elementary Skin & Body (Tring). Tel. 01442 822866 Editor, Helen McClorry, Babies on board Magazine.

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