Returning To Work After Maternity or Parental Leave…?

Is THAT time looming…? For some parents, it is time to go back – they have done their time singing nursery rhymes and passing mornings with other Mums over coffee, but now it is time to re-enter the corporate world where they left off. For others, the time may be running out, but they feel far from ready to return to work and priorities have changed…

Either way, don’t put off the PLANNING! Here are some things to consider…

• What DAY are you going back to work? Does it have to be a Monday? Can you do part weeks, or part days to begin with? Can you get help with pick ups and drop offs?

• What if your child is too poorly for childcare? If your child has sickness or diahhorea they will be asked to stay away from their childcare for 48 hours. Can somebody else be on standby to help for the first month or longer, so that you can get back into the work routine?

• Get ALL the bags packed the night before! Get out outfits for everybody, including underwear and shoes, as well as snacks, lunches and drink bottles. Not just for children, but yours too!

• Be kind to yourself! Plan something that you like and do it during that first week back at work. It might be lunch with a much missed work friend, or a fitness class at the weekend… whatever is YOUR thing! Avoid big nights out or weekends away that could upset your routine in those early weeks back if you can.

• Let technology help! Don’t spend limited days off in the supermarket – get the shopping done online and delivered to you, for the big bulky items at least! Set all your reminders on your Alexa or your phone to ensure that you are leaving your desk on time to allow for traffic and pick up.

If you are really unhappy about going back to work, research other options! Do you really need that massive salary (minus childcare costs)? Could your family manage on a part time salary? Might you be able to earn money once the children are in bed, or even while you are at baby groups? Is there a business idea that you have been wanting to get off the ground? Talk to others, attend networking events and contact people who are doing a similar job.

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