Maternity Reflexology & Massage

Holistic therapies are becoming increasingly popular in pregnancy. Our busy and often chaotic lives leave little time to nurture ourselves. Pregnancy can bring many challenges, physically and emotionally. The body is put under a great strain and works very hard to support you and your baby. It has been proven that our wellbeing while pregnant is important to the unborn baby’s development, so booking some time out for a massage or reflexology can be hugely beneficial.

Pregnancy reflexology helps to reduce stress and anxiety, rebalance and prepare the body for labour. It can also help to improve sleep. It has been shown in studies that regular reflexology through pregnancy can help to reduce first stage labour times. It is also very beneficial for post birth recovery, and learning how to use it for your own babies is an amazing bonding technique.

Pregnancy massage is performed with you lying on your side, or seated - not lying flat on your back. It helps to ease back and joint pain, reduce muscle tension and stress, improves lymphatic drainage and circulation, rejuvenates and relaxes your body and mind, encouraging the body to release Oxytocin – the feel good hormone! Always ensure that your Massage Therapist is qualified to treat pregnant ladies.


The solar plexus is a clustered network of nerves that sits directly behind the stomach. It goes out to all parts of the abdominal cavity and has also been referred to as the “abdominal brain”. The solar plexus is highly affected by stress so releasing this reflex point has been known to decrease stress levels. The solar plexus reflex point is one of the most powerful points in foot and hand reflexology.

Your hands have the same reflex points as your feet and are much easier to reach for some hand reflexology. The solar plexus reflex hand point is located in between the 2nd (index) and 3rd finger, below the knuckles on the palm side, just under the natural crease under the fingers as you fold your hand down.

If you are feeling stressed or anxious, press and hold the solar plexus reflex point on each hand for 30-60 seconds, along with taking some slow, deep breaths.

Author, Emily Laver, MAR ITEC, Ametrine Reflexology, Tel. 07717 783728

Editor, Helen McClorry, Babies on board Magazine.

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