Beautiful Hair on a Budget

Spending hours in a salon and indulging in the latest products is a luxury that can become a thing of the past once baby comes along and spending priorities change, so here are my tips to maintain beautiful hair, with fab products on a budget!

Stay At Home - Visiting a salon can be pricey and time consuming, so nding a great hairdresser that can come to your home is great! They charge 40- 0 less than salons, offering services from cutting through to a full colour change. I would always advise that you go with someone who carries out a skin test prior to colouring and check they have relevant insurance.

Low Maintenance Colour - Some colouring techniues reuire re-doing as often as every  weeks so discuss with your stylist options for lower maintenance colour. f you usually have a full head of permanent colour then changing to a semi would reduce noticeability of regrowth meaning you can go longer between colour. Highlights are a great option as you can use up to  or 4 different colours at a time meaning regrowth blends well with your colour and roots are less noticeable for longer.

Supermarket Savings - Salon products are great, but they do come with a price tag  have tried and tested some of the products available in supermarkets and chemists, and would denitely recommend a few!

For Argan oil based products I would recommend Avon’s range.  found the oil to be light enough for all hair types to use daily and the shampoo and conditioner great for dry, coarse hair with very reasonable prices.

The coconut water products in the OGX range available in supermarkets were fantastic for hydrating ne hair without weighing it down, while the coconut milk was wonderful for thicker hair. I found the Kukui oil products brilliant for taming frizzy and unmanageable hair. The Biotin and Collagen worked wonderfully for strengthening weak, over processed hair. The products were slightly more pricey but also felt more luxurious.

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One voucher per customer. Offer ends 31st March 2019. Areas covered: Watford, Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted and St Albans. Offer by appointment only and Subject to availability. Skin test required 48hrs prior to colour service.

One voucher per customer. Offer ends 30.11.2018. Areas covered: Watford,

Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted and St. Albans. Offer by appointment only and Subject to availability. Skin test required 48hrs prior to colour service.

 then tried the ’Oreal Elvive range, affordably priced, yet very good products. The Extraordinary Clay range was a revelation proving to be very effective for oily roots and dry ends, perfect for daily use. In the dream length range I particularly liked the ‘no haircut cream’ which, despite the name, doesn’t replace a haircut, but works on both wet and dry hair to really smooth mid lengths and ends when styling.

Author, Sam Matthews, ove Hair by Sam, Tel. 07734 945220

Editor, Helen McClorry. Babies on board Magazine.

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