What do you think was most special about the video and the audience?

Leigh: I think the real challenge was to recreate the live event for the audience that shared viewing experience. I think we managed that and it was lovely to see the

comments rolling past and people were clearly engaged. It really is an international community.


How difficult was it pulling together contributions from around the world, produced by business people using the limited resources they had, often in a

home environment?

Leigh: Once we agreed on how we were going to do it, the project became more of a logistical exercise. We needed to get clear concise instructions to the

contributors on how they could produce their content. We did this with some written instructions and a video. Fiona provided the core ceremony script, which they adapted. Once the contributions started to come in we had to keep track of what we were missing and then the project became a jigsaw, which needed to be assembled.


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic how do you see virtual events evolving?

Leigh: I think these kind of virtual events will become more and more common and will become more and more refined. You can already see on mainstream TV how productions

are being adapted to accommodate the current contact limitations and how they are getting better and better at it.

QA &

Left: Leigh Emmerson, video producer of the Virtual Relocate Awards Ceremony, monitors the YouTube virtual “live” broadcast. All images © Persistence of Vision

Q How will conferences and events change? A

Leigh: I’m hopeful in the long term events will be able to happen as they did, but in the meantime, I feel a lot of them will be completely virtual like ours, or, as

restrictions are relaxed, I think they will be scaled down with a much smaller audience and will be streamed live to a wider audience. This is something we have been doing for a while anyway for some events. It’s very fortunate that the technology is mature enough now for this to be practical. Had this pandemic happened 10 or 15 years ago it would have been a different story.

Q How did you start? A

Leigh: I set up POV productions in 2002. We are very fortunate in the breadth of work we do. We get involved in a lot of corporate work and live events like

this. We make the behind-the-scenes films for some very high- profile dramas and we produce demonstration content for some of the biggest television manufacturers in the world. I am the hub of the company. I started as an editor but now produce, direct and write as well, which enables us to offer an extremely integrated, joined-up and cost-effective solution. The company is me and my wife Sandra and when we need additional resource we call on our extremely professional network of freelancers.

Read more about Leigh’s innovative work on the Relocate Awards at www. first-virtual-awards-ceremony-lockdown-world/

Below: BAFTA-nominated journalist, Jayne Constantinis, presenting the 2020 Relocate Awards from her home in London

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