AWARDS marks a turning point in how we view global mobility

At the time of writing, the video for the live stream of the Virtual Relocate Awards has attracted an astonishing 2000 views on YouTube and counting. Now is the time to capitalise on awareness of our truly global community and share our insights and expertise with the wider audience of international managers, who are hungry for knowledge to support their workforce in these epic times of change, says Fiona Murchie


ow more than ever, it’s important for the global mobility community to come together with other disciplines working in the international context to work out the way ahead in these times of unprecedented change.

Collaborating and sharing knowledge across different industry

sectors means we can learn from each other and build even better solutions. This is where the Virtual Relocate Awards are showing the way forward in a truly global market sector that has come of age. This year’s Think Relocate and Think Global People Awards

attracted entries from a wide range of organisations from across the world; some operating locally, others regionally and more still globally. All were showcasing brilliant achievements. When it came to the question of how to honour the 50

shortlisted organisations all meriting recognition for their high- quality services and amazing people outcomes, we knew we simply couldn’t let them down. Known for our innovation and collaborative outlook it was a natural choice to take a leap of faith, keep driving forward and take our annual awards celebration to a new level. This year’s Relocate Awards were the first virtual awards in global mobility, if not people management. The unbounded spirit


2020 THINK

Global People NEW

2020 THINK

of our judges, sponsors and shortlisted entrants won through to create something lasting and memorable. We are a sector of change makers, with the integrity, cultural

awareness and knowledge across multiple disciplines to show the way ahead and help create sustainable, flexible and healthy workplaces where talented people thrive.

PROMOTING THE VALUE OF GLOBAL MOBILITY We are already a global community, so let’s keep pushing on

to celebrate all those working in a global context. People like you working around the world can and do make a difference to the working lives of individuals doing whatever they need to do to support organisations and economies to grow. Holly Creed, co-founder of NextGen GM said, “It’s amazing

that Relocate Global put together a virtual awards ceremony to bring global mobility professionals together for an opportunity to celebrate during these unprecedented times. “It is important that we all work together to help one another

with the many different requests that are required of us all at present. It’s not just about the employees we send abroad, but showing that kindness and support to each other.”

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