alent mobility is increasingly a decisive element of organisational success. Relocation management companies and mobility functions are at the strategic forefront of delivering value to companies

and mobile employees. RELO Direct®

is in the vanguard of supporting organisations

in realising their mobile talent and wider performance outcomes. Evidenced by multiple acclaim from its clients – including

100% satisfaction rates – and impressive cost savings totaling millions of US dollars, the Chicago-headquartered global relocation management company’s “You First” philosophy is the foundation of its success. “RELO Direct®

clearly makes a big effort to put its clients

first and to tailor its approach to what each individual needs,” said the judging panel. “It is also clear this company invests in its workforce. The outcomes for clients and assignees on the move are highly positive. This firm deserves recognition for its ‘You First’ programme, which puts client needs at the heart of what it does.” With numerous examples of this philosophy in practice in its submission, RELO Direct®

clearly showed the business benefits

of its approach. Exemplifying why its entry is inspirational and worthy of a Think Relocate Award, RELO Direct®

described how it worked

in partnership with one client to deliver a unique talent acquisition and management programme for its sales force. This required a robust solution to US domestic temporary relocation. The client hires groups of representatives after an extensive

recruitment process and at various times of the year. Successful candidates are placed on temporary assignments and sometimes rotated before being assessed for permanent hire. Collaborating closely with its client, RELO Direct®


and implemented a formal US temporary domestic relocation policy to meet the client’s specific needs. As the successful programme grew, so did overall costs. In response, RELO Direct®

directly coordinated with its primary

housing provider to design a market-by-market cap with flexibility to the employee’s preference to assume additional costs, resulting in a win-win situation. This was possible because RELO Direct®

evolve, for example in relation to changing market and regulatory conditions. As well as leading clients to successful solutions for their mobile workforces, RELO Direct®

’s involvement in numerous

local organisations and regulation restructuring efforts means it can lead and innovate on policy development. Another striking example is where the company, in partnership

with its client, redesigned a programme and implemented changes that resulted in significant cost savings during the first contract year. Then, several years into the relationship, RELO Direct®

collaborated directly with this client’s Human Resources

department to meet the changing needs of employees and delivered a further $3 million in cost savings. Its 50-strong team is critical to achieving these impressive

outcomes. The company hires first for customer service skills – not solely for relocation experience – and the “You First” ethos extends to its people. RELO Direct®

is an equal opportunity

employer and supports its team’s development and engagement with onboarding, rewards and performance management. “Our employees not only work for us but with us to meet and

exceed the expectations of clients and relocating employees,” says Dianne Amos, CRP, SGMS-T, Senior Vice President, Client Relations and Communications. “This begins with the recruitment process and continues with ongoing training through an award-winning development programme and targeted learning opportunities for all employees.” The success of this is revealed in front-line employees delivering

services to relocating employees meeting, exceeding or far- exceeding expectations in 97.8% of cases. “It’s an honour to be recognised by Relocate Global, a leading

global publisher in the relocation and mobility arena, again this year,” said Bob Portale, SCRP, SGMS-T, RELO Direct®


President and CEO. “This year’s award is deeply meaningful as it validates our approach to client relationships, which is the core of our business. This award recognises our entire team and the results they produce daily in the service of our clients and their relocating employees.”

Relations take responsibility from first meeting to implementation and ongoing delivery. This allows for efficiencies and policies to

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Main photo: Dianne Amos, Senior Vice President, Client Relations and Communications

2020 THINK


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