2020 THINK



great DSP can make all the difference between relocation success and failure. Understanding and responding to the challenges and anxieties, as well as the hopes and expectations, of assignees is a critical

function of the DSP role. The judges applauded the winner of this category for how

they “have gone the extra mile to ensure transferees are settled and happy in their new lives and undertake a wide range of HR initiatives to engage and support staff who deliver an excellent service to their clients.” Testimonials from assignees agree, with one reflecting that

“NYC Navigator is the best thing that could have happened personally and professionally.” This is high praise indeed and shows both the life-changing impact of an international move and of a DSP that is excelling and raising service levels to new heights. As well as the wide range of services it offers - including the

Compass Club networking and events that caught the judges’ interest – NYC Navigator’s personal touch is what elevates this relatively small, innovative company above its competitors. “Our dedicated team members are multilingual and have

relocated themselves,” says NYC Navigator Founder and President, Brenda Levis. “This provides a comfort level to the transferees that we have walked in their shoes, possibly speak their own language, and have experienced first-hand the excitement and anxiety that they are going through. “For us, the greatest reward is to walk alongside the assignees

and help them settle into their new home and community.” A great example of these ideals in practice is where Brenda and

her team find the right accommodation, review the lease – and act on behalf of their individual clients to receive household goods and set up utilities, creating a ready-to-move into home from day one of the assignment. One transferee benefiting from the team’s hands-on approach

said: “I cannot recommend NYC Navigator enough. They are one of the best people, very warm and genuine and help you in every way possible. Hanna, Fadima and the team made sure my move was as painless as possible. From finding apartments, tours and even helping with the movers, they did everything. Thank you!”

Relocatees’ employers are also beneficiaries of NYC Navigator’s

14-strong team’s local knowledge, expertise and caring customer experience. Services – which range from initiation, to home search to education support and networking – are customisable to meet the needs and budget of corporate clients, assignees and their accompanying family members. “We are constantly looking for ways to exceed the client

experience and respect their budget, anticipate and proactively react to mobility trends, issues and concerns, and establish innovative solutions to deliver an outstanding and caring customer experience,” says Brenda Levis. The DSP’s No Broker Fee Housing Programme addresses a

common challenge transferees to New York face, especially those looking to manage home finding costs. Here NYC Navigator identifies housing options and goes direct. This saves between 13.5 – 15% of the annual rent and an average saving of $4,000–$5,000. It also has a personalised app to streamline the process where transferees can track progress and access local information and official forms, for example for driving licences. The support for NYC Navigator’s own staff and their

engagement is also “excellent”, says the judges. Regular one-to- ones with the president are a great opportunity to share ideas, collaborate on new solutions, unravel complex challenges and support each other to deliver excellent service. The company also actively promotes professional development opportunities for all employees based on their areas of interest, many of whom attend industry seminars, conferences and training. Says Brenda Levis – President, NYC Navigator: “Thank

you Relocate Global. We are so excited to be the recipient of a Destination Service Provider of the Year award. It was already an honour to be included with such phenomenal nominees, some of which are our partners from around the world. I’d like to give a shout out to our tremendous team who are so hardworking and caring about the transferees that we take care of. We were sorry that we couldn’t see you live today. But we are very much looking forward to being back with you again next year.”


Main photo: Brenda Levis, President

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