2020 THINK



t’s critical destination service providers can deliver solid foundations for assignees amid disruption in these uncertain times and respond with agility to clients’ relocation and global mobility programmes.

While we may be in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution,

the abiding truth at the heart of achieving excellence in Destination Service Provision is that we are also necessarily in the age of human-centred workplaces. Santa Fe Relocation’s winning entry in this category absolutely

combined both these elements of people and progress. In what the judges called “a really interesting and unique approach,” the entry submission was written by a DSP team member and without direct involvement from marketing or senior colleagues. “It is clear that Santa Fe’s employees are truly valued by

management and that the staff take a very positive approach to working in partnership with assignees on the move,” concluded the Think Relocate judges. “This has resulted in great feedback from assignees.” Multiple positive, personal testimonies from people receiving its

DSP, moving, immigration and assignment management services also gave the judges a keen sense of how Santa Fe Relocation and its 1,900-strong international workforce regards itself as the “arm around the shoulders of relocating employees” at every stage of the assignment lifecycle. A flavour of the feedback Santa Fe’s team of 800 people

involved in DSP receives includes: “Thank you very much for the extraordinary support and extra mile you’ve walked, for helping me, and making everything as easy and comfortable as possible for me. I felt really well supported and hope you keep that spirit.” This testimony is the outcome of how Santa Fe seeks to add

“true value” for its clients and their relocating employees. This starts from great partnerships with clients – many of whom have been with Santa Fe for over 20 years – and Santa Fe’s ability to respond and adapt to change with its progressive, future-focused outlook.

Where technology can help transferees, clients and team

members – in tracking assignments, analysing data and monitoring satisfaction – Santa Fe has invested significantly and effectively. An assignee portal for all individuals and family members relocating puts individuals in the picture and in control. As well as Santa Fe’s significant investments in technology,

the company lives its values by thoughtfully conducting market- leading research. Findings inform Santa Fe’s personalised services and is freely shared with clients as part of their tailored service. The length of partnerships and client testimonials show how this approach is appreciated. Here again, Santa Fe is adding true value, this time to the

wider sector. The DSP publishes the findings of its award-winning research Global Mobility Survey 2019 REVISION: Mobility through the looking glass for the global mobility sector to encourage excellence and raise the bar by promoting best practice and innovation for all. Such leadership runs throughout the company as it adapts to

changes both within the sector and those its clients face. These values are backed by a clearly defined duty of care to staff

globally, which is proving critical in these times of COVID-19. Reciprocating the care and agility DSP team members dedicate to clients, Santa Fe has an action plan to ensure that if any employees are affected by the virus, they have access to food and water and will not have to leave their homes while they are recovering. “I can honestly say that Santa Fe is a great place to work. I feel

valued and supported and I know that my colleagues feel the same.” Receiving the award, Katie Steadman, DSP Manager at Santa

Fe Relocation, said, “I am honoured to be accepting this award on behalf of Santa Fe. It marks the achievements for destination service teams and is a great way to thank them for all their hard work especially in these unprecedented times.”

Main photo: Katie Steadman, Head of Destination Services (UK)


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