he serviced apartment sector is agile, responding to changing needs in the global mobility space. Super- charging the energy with which this niche hospitality segment is rapidly growing market share is Synergy

Global Housing. Synergy’s success is easy to see in numbers. In 2019, it posted

an impressive 67% revenue growth and increased its satisfaction scores to 98%. For one client alone among its growing roster of large international corporations, Synergy identified and leveraged cost savings in the region of $1.8 million. The global serviced apartment and corporate housing provider

achieved this by developing a strong, client-focused team, where empathy – critical in this high-touch service industry – is embedded into its Delivering Exceptional Service staff training, alongside resourcefulness and accountability. Synergy credits this with enabling its 270-strong international

workforce to start from day one feeling like an empowered and productive member of the team. Working with some of the largest companies in the relocation

industry, Synergy is focused on improving the relocation experience for assignees and client organisations as a seamless extension of their team. From these foundations, Synergy has driven growth globally

through exemplary service – and against sometimes challenging objectives. These include a quick turnaround in Thailand, where, in just two days, the Synergy team were able to view properties and secure agreements that met client needs in off-the-beaten track Korat – a remote area two hours out of Bangkok. The judges were also impressed by Synergy’s client-centred

approach to finding properties in high-demand metropolitan areas. Its SynergySpaces solution uses innovative technology to ensure guests are appropriately matched in house-shares. Underpinning this is mindfulness about the needs of today’s

diverse workforce; whether through staff training or its tailored products that meet the needs of contemporary globally mobile workforces. Synergy Chelsea, for example, in New York is kitted out with bespoke furniture and smart home technology, as well as the fastest available wifi.

It’s not just living spaces that are meeting client needs. A

highly successful personalised meet-and-greet service for 40 international interns coming into Tel Aviv also met with a clear stamp of approval from assignees, clients and the Think Relocate judges. Gaining satisfaction ratings of 4.65 out of 5, one assignee credited Synergy as critical to their positive experience in the city. Each example shows how Synergy works alongside clients to

offer a personal and cost-efficient service. Its IT infrastructure and bespoke platforms are a key element of this. Synergy analyses and mines its data, which in one case drew down multi-million- dollar savings for one of its clients. Client focus is also evident in how it works as an extension of

each account to design and engineer customised supply chains and product standards. One organisation applauded its transition to a new programme as “flawless”. This is all the more impressive when you consider how much Synergy has grown in the last 12 months. Together, Synergy’s customer-centric approach, coupled with

the training and support it offers its people, is leading to highly engaged teams, consistent improvement in overall satisfaction rates and global growth, all achieved with an employee turnover rate of just 3.1%. The judges said: “The work done by this firm to engage clients

from the millennial generation, deliver services in remote locations, generate resource efficiency and cost effectiveness, as well as to promote staff engagement should be rewarded. The house-share matching and smart properties suited to the younger generations stood out in particular. In addition, investment in staff has led to high client satisfaction.” Receiving the award, Stephen Hanton – President, International,

Synergy Global Housing, said: “Thank you, Relocate Awards. I’m delighted to accept this award on behalf of all of us at Synergy. We did say a year ago that we wanted to make a bit of noise and this is a very good indication that we’re getting a bit louder so if you don’t mind a bit of polite disturbance in a noisy sector! Thank you very much and it’s a great honour.”

2020 THINK


Main photo: Stephen Hanton, President, International

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