ixing hospitality with top-class service to provide a seamless home-away-from-home in a price- conscious market, leading serviced apartment operators are meeting the needs of globally mobile

people and organisations across all assignment types. The winner of this category, VISIONAPARTMENTS, is an

exemplar of this fast-moving industry. Explaining why the serviced apartment provider prevailed in

this category, the judges said: “VISIONAPARTMENTS looks to improve the guest experience by designing apartments with extra storage and smaller apartments to support those with lower budgets. It has a great client base so clearly gets the important things right.” Established 20 years ago in Switzerland,

VISIONAPARTMENTS has leveraged its trusted partnership status with private and corporate clients including UBS, Nestlé, Galderma, Richemont, Credit Suisse, Samsung and PWC to extend its reach beyond Europe. It now offers 130,000 apartments in 850 business locations

through its agency around the globe, with many offering additional services like local orientation, gym memberships and spas. Fundamental to VISIONAPARTMENTS’ success is its focus

on and responsiveness to client and employee feedback, which go hand in hand. Employee suggestions are taken just as seriously as customer

feedback, leading to exceptional new products and services that are meeting client needs on every level. VISIONAPARTMENTS’ newest locations are designed and

built with client input; not only on layout and furnishings, but also on price. The company’s responsiveness and commitment to clients and

guests is evidenced by how it incorporated more storage space into its new apartments and renovation programmes based on their advice. It has also reduced the footprint of others to make them more cost-effective. Technology further underpins this highly effective operating

model. Innovating to stay ahead and raise standards across the sector, VISIONAPARTMENTS has designed – with involvement

from every aspect of the business – Vision Management Software (VMS). The platform connects the business from facility management,

operations and inventory, to customer experience, finance, sales and marketing. Completely customisable, VMS is freeing the company’s 250 employees from routine administration to more sales and service-related aspects of the business, adding value to the guest experience in the process. Since the software’s roll out in 2019, VISIONAPARTMENTS

has seen customer satisfaction increase and complaints handled more efficiently. It has also seen its average occupancy rate reach a very

impressive 95% and revenue grow by 10% by optimising sales through online travel agencies and better information management. Driving all of these successes are VISIONAPARTMENTS’

empowered employees. “This organisation is responsive to both client and employee feedback and has taken steps to improve the experience of both assignees on the move and the employees who serve them,” said the judges. “VISIONAPARTMENTS is also to be commended for its excellent charity focus and team morale building events. It is clear that this has helped to generate considerable staff engagement.” VISIONAPARTMENTS encourages its people to find ways

of improving products and services and gives teams the space they need to find solutions. A new Mood Manager initiative is an enjoyable opportunity for different departments around the business to organise and host whole-company team-building events. Excellent performance is also celebrated and promoted. “On behalf of all VISIONAPARTMENTS employees, thank

you very much for appreciating our work,” said Marcin Rybczynski – Group Head of Marketing, Zurich, Switzerland, on receiving the Think Relocate Award for this category. “It is a joint effort of many wonderful people who are working together every day to create the best possible guest experience. To have our efforts appreciated feels absolutely great! Thank you again for this award.”

2020 THINK

Main photo: Marcin Rybczynski, Group Head of Marketing


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