2020 THINK



nline travel agents (OTAs) have changed the way consumers source, book and get the best price for their flights and accommodation – and how suppliers stay competitive. The global mobility and travel

community can now benefit from the same level of service, real- time information and cost transparency with the game-changing technology of this award-winning entry. ReloQuest®

is an independent Cloud-based sourcing platform

for the temporary housing, serviced apartment and hotel sector. It is changing how we source serviced accommodations and hotels with its innovative use of cutting-edge API (application programming interface) algorithms, which brings together one of the largest global supply chains in the business and is supported by exceptional, client-focused round-the-clock service. Explaining why ReloQuest®

brought the award home in this

very competitive category, the judges said: “The site is very user friendly and easy to navigate. It leverages an advanced technology for clients and individuals alike to provide cutting-edge comparison functionality and allows for a superior customer experience.” ReloQuest®

’s technology brings together multiple serviced

apartment providers’ platforms in a way that enables corporate global mobility teams, relocation management companies, travel managers, and global people to compare their options in real-time from a huge range of suppliers, and without bias. For Global Mobility teams, ReloQuest®

’s technology offers

peace of mind on cost, duty of care, compliance and quality and saves valuable time and resources in the tendering and booking process for a wide range of moves, including group. The universal platform is also designed for individual assignees

too. Global people can plan, compare, book and now manage their own accommodation, all from approved suppliers. This gives today’s business traveller and assignee the highly sought-after choice and flexibility offered by a standard OTA. While both of these clearly impressed the judges, the clincher was how ReloQuest®

’s human-centric technology is improving

price transparency across the sector to inform the market and offer the best options for corporate clients. The algorithm’s Win/Loss logic feeds back to serviced

accommodation suppliers how they compare to their competitors. It delivers invaluable insight on how they can remain customer- focused, and presents the information in a clear and accessible way. ReloQuest®

’s technology is also raising standards in global

mobility with its predictive functionality and ability to provide limitless data. Both forward-looking and reflective, ReloQuest®


an overall view of aspects of the business, like budget variance, trends, consumer behaviour, average rates and reservations booked, helping its clients to define their strategic direction and yield management. As with all award-winning and successful technological innovations, ReloQuest®

has people at the heart of the business.

Renowned US entrepreneur Zig Ziglar’s motto, included in the entry submission, sums up the company’s approach and its success to date: “You can get everything you want in life if you will just help other people get what they want.” The very impressive range and scope of ReloQuest®

is indeed giving people what they want. Receiving the Think Relocate Award, ReloQuest®


’s client

testimonies and its continual service enhancements suggest that ReloQuest®

’s Founder

and CEO, Darin Karp, said: “Wow, thank you so much. Our entire team will be ecstatic to hear the news. They work around the clock and they are the most dedicated and talented team you will find. Winning an award like this really reinforces our goals. I can’t thank you enough for this recognition.”

Main photo: Darin Karp, Founder & CEO


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