esearch, collaboration and thought leadership are critical to offset fast-changing global trade and innovation scenarios. Access to relevant, timely and accurate facts – particularly when made widely available across the

industry – means global mobility professionals can strategise and support assignees and employers most effectively and efficiently. It’s in this context Santa Fe Relocation’s Global Mobility Survey

2019 REVISION: Mobility through the looking glass has made a significant impact on the global mobility marketplace and shares its findings across the industry to the benefit of all. “This was an excellent survey that provides immense detail

contributing to knowledge,” said the judges in their comments. “This research is broader than many of the surveys conducted by the industry. It also focuses on some of the key topics facing Global Mobility functions, including compliance, technology, and employee experience. “It is interesting to see how Global Mobility spends its time

and how, with technology for example, some of the more menial tasks can be removed.” “We put a huge amount of effort into thinking about what’s

going on in the mobility industry, and what that means for us and for our clients,” says Peter Ferrigno, Group Head of Immigration Services at Santa Fe Relocation. “It makes all of that so worthwhile when that gets recognised.”

RIGOUR, INTEGRITY AND WIDE APPLICATION Working with boutique research agency Savanta, the global

mobility company canvassed 703 professionals responsible for global mobility programmes across 35 countries and 5.2mn staff globally. Drawing on socio-political trends, Santa Fe’s survey is being used globally by practitioners and academics, such is its gravitas and rigour. This is resulting in more effective cost management and innovative policy delivery and is emblematic of the importance of collaboration in building a sound knowledge base for the sector.

“We are absolutely delighted with the global recognition of

the contribution that our thought leadership makes to the global mobility industry,” says John Rason, Group Head of Consulting at Santa Fe Relocation. Santa Fe’s Think Global People Award-winning survey is

the result of the company’s significant investment in thought leadership. The Global Mobility Survey 2019 is just one output from its dedicated department among an ongoing programme of thought leadership, white papers, and webinars in Santa Fe’s Global Mobility Insights.

PUTTING RESEARCH INTO PRACTICE As a result of this focus, Santa Fe has supported its clients in

making large cost savings “at both a policy level and in delivery,” says Santa Fe’s Business Development Manager, Alistair Hunt. One made six-figure USD savings through effective management of their temporary accommodation budget by more effective co- ordination of the relocation process. And it’s not just Santa Fe’s clients who are benefitting. “We do

not keep this valuable information to ourselves,” continues Alistair. “We believe in the mobility industry. We want to help it become as risk-free as possible. We feel that supporting everyone involved in it can only help. We share our findings with the industry as a whole, with our customers, prospects and even other service delivery businesses. Our research, findings and publications are shared at no cost to our industry, helping everyone be innovative and promoting best practise for all.” “I’d like to say a big thanks to everyone involved for recognising

all of the hard work that we put into this report, year-on-year” says Runar Nilsen, Deputy CEO, Santa Fe Relocation. “All of this effort is to benefit our customers of course, and our partners, and anyone else who’s involved in this fabulous world of Global Mobility.”

Global People

2020 THINK


Main photo: John Rason, Group Head of Consulting

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