2020 THINK




relocation or global assignment can be a challenging time. Handled well, the benefits for employees, and their partners and families, can be extraordinarily life- enhancing. This award celebrates those companies and

individuals who help assignees make their experience a success. Backed by research, a highly engaged team and award-winning

client support (see page 25) IMPACT Group is offering tailored coaching solutions that meet clients’ and assignees’ diverse needs. Under the banner “Moving Careers Forward”, the global career

and talent development company supports relocatees and their families throughout the assignment lifecycle. From pre-decision to repatriation – often the hardest phases

to get right – IMPACT Group’s globally minded coaches support their clients to maximise their relocation opportunity. This includes supporting partners to find career fulfilment and jobs in the new location. The judges were moved by IMPACT Group’s entry, citing

the cultural awareness, emotional and career support it offers. “A strong focus is placed on the importance of individuals’

needs and how support can make a huge difference to assignment success,” they said. “It is clear that IMPACT Group care deeply about what they do and also value their people. “Their use of coaching is intelligent and congruent with their

purpose, and evidently generates a great deal of engagement and commitment from clients. In addition, combining coaching with cultural learning provides a strong differentiator. It is clear from the assignee and partner feedback that this approach is highly successful.” Explaining what this means in practice and how IMPACT

Group is helping individuals adapt positively to their new home, Lucy Foster, global account manager, says their one-to-me approach meets the precise needs of each employee and their spouse/partner. Mindful of dual-career families, Lucy says: “For us, a successful

programme is when both the employee and spouse/partner are achieving their goals and maximise the international opportunity as a result of the support we have provided to them. “We tailor the solutions to the precise needs of each employee

and spouse/partner. Main photo: Lucy Foster, Global Account Manager “By melding cross-cultural theory with coaching we are able

to convert cultural learning into appropriate behaviours, guiding the families through the transition process to a point where they are thriving in the new location, personally and professionally.” IMPACT Group’s support is clearly a success, both from its

own satisfaction surveys and the positive outcomes shared by assignees and their partners. Companies and individuals are beating the high odds of

assignment failure with its approach: 89% accessing IMPACT Group’s support successfully transition during their programme. A further 48% received two or more job offers. The satisfaction scores overall for other features of the support

IMPACT Group offers are just as impressive. While the statistics tell a positive story, it is the personal

impact the coaches have that arguably show more as the following testimony illustrates. “It was a wonderful process, during which I found out what

I want to do in my professional life. I loved every minute of it. I think to have a job one loves is a blessing. And this is something you helped me to achieve.” Lucy Foster speaking for the team said, “Winning this award

means a great deal to IMPACT Group because we are so passionate about what we do and the difference we can make. This year in particular has shown how important taking care of assignees and their families on global assignments really is. “Partner integration and career assistance and cultural training

are vital to the success of international assignments, and for long term retention of talent for organisations. 75% of couples in Europe are dual career, therefore empowering and enabling partners to make international relocation an opportunity for their own personal and professional growth is fast becoming a business imperative. “To receive this award is wonderful recognition and celebration

of the fantastic and valuable work that our coaches do in supporting families around the world.”


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