Bunting’s stand will become metal separation test centre

VISITOR interaction is the theme on Bunting’s RWM stand, which is situated in a prime-position opposite the show entrance. Bunting Magnetics are one of the world’s leading suppliers of Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors. The European manufacturing headquarters, based in Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire, has an extensive overseas network of distributors and marketing agents. Bunting will be exhibiting their Master Magnets branded range of Magnetic Separators and Eddy Current Separators. Bunting’s Head of Sales, Dave Hills said: “We wanted to do something diff erent this year [at RWM] because visitor interaction is so important. “We want people to handle the metal and then see what happens when they place it on the belt of the metal separation system.” Bunting will invite visitors to take a lump of non-ferrous metal or stainless steel, place it on the belt of the metal separator and witness separation.

Operating on the stand at RWM will be a production-sized Eddy Current Separator, a Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator, and a demonstration-sized model of the popular Permanent Overband Magnet. On the Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator, visitors will be able to separate several diff erent materials. These include large lumps of fragmented stainless steel, from secondary metal recycling plants, and printed circuit boards (PCBs) from electronic recycling operations. The Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator uses a patented high strength magnetic roll that generates enough attractive power to separate even the weakest magnetic materials. When passing through a shredder, the edges of stainless steel become weakly magnetic and this enables the eff ective separation. Also, PCBs have small components that are weakly magnetic and these are attracted by the strong magnetic fi eld and separated from non- magnetic materials. Eddy Current Separators are a common feature at the RWM exhibition. The Master


Magnets design focuses on maximising non-ferrous metal separation, while maintaining product purity levels. The ability to produce the optimum separation of non-ferrous metals is dictated by the design of the high speed rotating magnetic rotor and visitors will be able to place non-ferrous metals on the separator and witness the dramatic and violent separation. As the Permanent Overband Magnet is one of the most commonly used magnetic separators in the recycling and waste industry, it was important to have a model on show to visitors. Dave added: “Participating in a demonstration is diff erent to simply watching. Visitors to the stand can choose the item they want to separate and then see what happens on the metal separator.” Hundreds of Permanent Overband Magnets are built at the Redditch manufacturing facility each year and they can be seen on many pre-sorted refuse operations recovering steel cans and mobile plant such as crushers and screens.

Hewitt Robins to showcase new Flip Flow Screen at RWM

WORLD-LEADING designer and manufacturer of specialist vibrating equipment, Hewitt Robins International, will be showcasing its new Flip Flow Screen at RWM on stand 5P58.

The Flip Flow Screen has low operating and maintenance costs compared to other screens available on the market and its unique high acceleration on the screening mats delivers a self- cleaning eff ect, which further reduces contamination risks and downtime of the machine.

The all New (V-13 1.6 x 6.0) Flip Flow Screen has been developed to complement the already extensive product range available from Hewitt Robins. The Flip Flow Screen offers a flexible and economical screening and separation solution for waste and difficult to screen materials.


Specialist suppliers of Vibrating Screens, Feeders, Crushers and Foundry Equipment to the bulk material handling industries for over 100 years. Hewitt’s equipment is operational in some of the world`s toughest industrial sectors ranging from heavy Mining and Quarrying to Steel Plants and Foundries. The company, which has a UK head offi ce in Swadlincote, understands the harsh operational environments. This understanding has resulted in innovative designs – earning Hewitt Robins

a worldwide reputation for strength and endurance, and most importantly, reliability. Backed by the TATA Group from 2010, Hewitt Robins expertise and global reach has increased, which means support and back-up is never far away.

SHWM September, 2018 47

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