WAMITAB provide range of options for RWM attendees

WAMITAB will be exhibiting at this year’s RWM (stand 4J63) to off er practical support and advice about competence, qualifi cations and skills development. RWM is the leading recycling water and energy waste management event in the UK, and this year marks a change from tradition. The event will run over two days rather the usual three – Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th September – and open from 10am-5pm on both days.

What’s on off er from WAMITAB? WAMITAB have been developing industry- relevant qualifi cations since 1989, equipping employees with the right skills for the roles and tasks they undertake while keeping them safe and compliant.

Operator Competence • Primary Competence • Technically Competent Manager • Continuing Competence • Revision Support

Industry Qualifi cations • Entry level, Supervisor, Manager and Apprenticeships Waste and Resource Management

• Cleaning and Street Cleansing • Facilities Management • Parking

Validate Assessment Tool • General Health and Safety • Waste and Recycling Collection • Vehicles/Machinery • Healthcare Waste Operations • Street Cleansing

Accredit for in-house programmes • Independent Verifi cation • Third Party Recognition • Quality Review and Customer Report • Learner Certifi cation Option

Revision Guides WAMITAB has developed materials to support individuals preparing to take their Continuing Competence test, which is required every two years for the designated Technically Competence Manager. The materials include brief Revision Summaries, which are available

as free downloads as well as more detailed guides that incorporate hints and tips on revision, handy glossary of terms, and checklists and activities. Each guide covers all the topics likely to appear in the test, and includes space for your own notes as well as activities to check knowledge and understanding. There are separate Revision Guides for each Generic Test topic at £12.00 (+ P&P) each and Guides for the Activity Specifi c Tests at £14.00 (+P&P) each. Information about the revision support materials and how to buy them is available on WAMITAB’s Continuing Competence web page.

The following guides are available: • Generic Environmental Protection • Generic Health and Safety • Generic Legislation • Aerobic Composting • Anaerobic Digestion • Clinical Waste • Contaminated Land Remediation • End-of-Life Vehicles • Metal Recycling Sites • Landfi ll Non-Hazardous • Landfi ll Hazardous • Landfi ll Closed • Landfi ll Inert • Land-Spreading • Treatment & Transfer Non-Hazardous and Hazardous


Technical Advice Shop at RWM RWM is the main trade show for the waste and resource management industry, off ering a great opportunity to learn more about the latest equipment and services available. The WAMITAB team will be on the stand to provide Technical Advice for companies and individuals, such as the following: • Technical competence • Understanding the Risk Tiers Table • Compliance with Regulatory requirements

• Status of your Continuing Competence Test

• Preparing Continuing Competence Test • Finding an approved WAMITAB centre

WAMITAB Validate Validate is a fl exible work-based assessment programme enabling employers and individuals to select the modules that are most relevant to their job role. With a strong emphasis on health and safety, there are currently 40 modules that can be taken individually – or as part of a programme – and present an ideal way to check work practices comply with company policy and legislative requirements. Validate is available under licence through WAMITAB and is assessed using a combination of on-the-job observation, and question and answer sessions, with no requirement for a “portfolio of evidence”. The assessment process can be undertaken either by the employer or a registered training provider, with the view they meet the licence requirements, in terms of relevant industry and assessment experience. The tool can be paper-based, computer or accessed via a mobile app and off ers a cost-eff ective solution for monitoring the competence of staff .

WAMITAB Accredit A number of organisations have used the WAMITAB-accredit service, which provides independent professional confi rmation that a company’s training and development programme meets or exceeds WAMITAB minimum standards and will support learner development.

Two Options There are two quality-assured pathways: 1. WA1 allows companies to gain a WAMITAB stamp of approval for their programme recognising that it is capable of delivering the stated objectives and learning outcomes. 2. WA2 maps against known industry benchmarks and standards to provide formal certifi cation.

Entry to the show is free and you can register for tickets via the show website:

CHRIS JAMES CEO at WAMITAB, has over 30 years’ experience in vocational education as a Principal Lecturer, Chief Examiner, External Verifi er and Moderator with high profi le education and awarding organisations.

WAMITAB provides an end-to-end solution - from operative to management level qualifi cations in resource management and recycling, cleaning, street cleansing, facilities management and parking. 28 SHWM September, 2018 @WAMITAB

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