Hiab opens dedicated new Scottish depot after takeover

HIAB, the provider of on-road load handling equipment, has opened a Scottish sales and service depot in Cumbernauld near Glasgow, following the acquisition of local dealer Logan Inglis.

The opening of Hiab’s own depot in Scotland is a key part of their strategic plan to get closer to customers and provide services and solutions via a partnership approach.

“This purchase has, from day one, been very much part of our ‘route to market strategy’ which we embarked on in 2017,” said Ian Mitchell (Right), Hiab Director-Dealer Manager UK and Ireland.

“Starting with our acquisition of Walkers in the East Midlands last year, the opening recently of our new Hiab London Depot in Bishops Stortford and Hiab Dudley locations, this acquisition brings our strategy of getting closer to our customers to Scotland.”

Hiab has purchased the Logan Inglis business in Cumbernauld, and has secured the current site on a long-term lease.

All current Logan Inglis staff have transferred across to Hiab following the acquisition, with a separate agreement in place to retain the services of current owner Robert Morrison, during a transition period. The site will be subject to signifi cant investment and improvement over the next year.

JANE Gardner, Head of Axion’s Consulting Services, has left the Manchester-based resource recovery specialists to take up a new senior pan-European role. One of Axion’s longest serving employees, Jane (RIGHT) is moving to her next career challenge as Managing Director of the European Resilient Flooring Institute (ERFMI) based in Brussels. Axion Director Roger Morton said: “This is a role she is well-qualifi ed to take on; quite an achievement for a Brit to be asked to take on such a job in these Brexit days. “We are very sad to see Jane leave; she has been the driving force behind the development of the many successful recycling collection schemes, and has led and delivered numerous other recycling projects over the past 15 years.” Jane joined Axion in 2006 as a Project Co-ordinator, having previously worked as a sub-contractor doing German- English translations and other project

32 SHWM September, 2018

“Our customers in Scotland will benefi t from the Cumbernauld site being part of a larger Hiab-owned national network of both installation and service facilities that can meet their needs both in Scotland and further afi eld in the UK,” added Mitchell.

Hiab Scotland will off er the full range of Hiab loader cranes and demountable products, and the full suite of service off erings including R&M packages, repairs, servicing, parts supply and load testing certifi cation, as well as bespoke and tailored service arrangements.

Serving diff erent sectors of the market

The Cumbernauld site also has a thriving bodybuilding business, serving a number of sectors of the market, which also formed part of the purchase and will be developed further as a service by Hiab.

In charge of the new site is Matt Ritchie, Hiab Dealer Manager for Scotland, who can’t wait to “take the Scottish business to the next level.”

“I’ve been really encouraged by the energy and enthusiasm of the staff at Cumbernauld and am really looking forward to building on the existing relationships with customers and establishing new ones,” he said.

Rogier van der Linde, MD of Hiab UK and Ireland, added: “The opening of Hiab

Scotland is the next logical step in our strategy to be closer to our customers, putting more focus on our services and to become a solutions provider.

“We have a fantastic opportunity now to grow our market share in Scotland for demountables and put more focus on loader cranes. It’s about adding fantastic customer service to the region by having our own workshop, and giving customers access to our large fleet of field service engineers.”

Axion’s Jane Gardner leaves to take up new European role

related activities. Initially responsible for administration relating to Recovinyl, she secured repeat contracts for managing this successful PVC Recycling scheme. Alongside this, she set up Recofl oor, the UK’s vinyl fl ooring recycling scheme,

RecoMed, a UK-wide take-back scheme that recycles PVC used in healthcare and the management of Carpet Recycling UK. All of her schemes have won numerous awards over the years. The industry collection schemes will now be led by Richard McKinlay, Axion’s Head of Circular Economy and supported by the rest of the team. Carpet Recycling UK will continue to be managed overall by Axion, spearheaded by Adnan Zeb-Khan as CRUK Scheme Manager. Adnan, who has over 20 years of experience in the waste sector, will work with Marie Rhodes and the rest of the CRUK team to continue to drive forward the diversion of carpets from landfi ll. Roger added: “All of us wish Jane well in her new role and I know she will continue to contribute to the circular economy by lobbying for effective legislation in Europe. I am sure we will be working closely with her in the future to our mutual benefit.”

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