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Hypnotherapy Is it the last resort?

Human beings are very complex creatures, with spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and creative desires and needs, so when something goes wrong it can be difficult to know which way to turn. Whether it’s writer’s block, the

artist’s equivalent, or a behavioural trait or emotion which has a negative impact on their lives or relationships, hypnotherapy can help. Hypnotherapy enables us to access aspects of ourselves that lie outside our conscious awareness, as well as those within our awareness, yet despite all that hypnotherapy has to offer, it appears that some people will only try it when they have exhausted all other possibilities. Is this, perhaps, because of fear?

Caroline MacInnes

Fear of the unknown! What typically happens during a session …

During a hypnotherapy session, the hypnotherapist will ask for some basic information about the client, including any allergies and medication. The next thing to be discussed with the client is the issue that they want help with. It is essential that the client be as honest as possible throughout the session, in order to get to the real issue. When I was working with someone with a phobia of spiders, I instructed him to close his eyes, relax and go back to the event that triggered his phobia. He then spoke to me, while his eyes were closed, and told me what had happened during the event; we then we “re-framed” it. I spoke to him a month later to find out how “the spider thing” was, and he said, with some surprise, that his attitude had completely changed. He reported that he had been able to remove them from his kitchen and into the garden. He had also picked one up in his hand and let it crawl there for a few moments before deciding to put it outside in the garden. The gentleman was in his mid-fifties when I saw him and had had this phobia since he was a child; this was achieved in one session.

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