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positive thinking

It’s nothing to do with me It’s everybody else

Do you find yourself blaming everything and everyone else for the stress you feel in life? I pose the question: “Are others really ‘making’ us feel the way we do – is it really nothing to do with us – is it everybody else?”

years of experience in both the public and private sectors have shown me that we all get stuck in stressed or unhappy states at times, and that this can become toxic both for us and others around us. My experience has also made me

aware that many people have discovered why they get stressed, but are unsure how to avoid or minimise this, or how to explore ways to change the cause of their reactions. I diffuse the common view that feeling stressed is ‘being weak’, but also explore the symptoms of stress, the emotional drivers behind our stress reactions and ways to make change.

Reacting to and blaming our

external environment for the way we feel is natural, but understanding, managing and perhaps re-patterning our internal environment is the key to the depth and breadth of that reaction. Most of us are not normally taught

the range of skills that are available to enable us to help ourselves. I work as a fully qualified consultant and trainer in stress awareness and prevention. 23

‘IT’S NOTHING TO DO WITH ME (IT’S EVERYBODY ELSE)’ is the title of an interactive, informal workshop which I offer to the public at The Bagnall Centre in Chesham. There are eight places available for one day each week to maximise interaction and learning. The stand-alone workshop

promotes the idea of understanding self, taking responsibility for self, having choices and electing to make change – especially when others or things around us cannot, or will not.

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Marketing and advertising are essential tools in running your business. Although the best way to gain new customers is to do your job well, it’s only by making people aware of what you do, where you do it and why it’s important, that you will open the door to your full potential. This magazine provides a means of communicating effectively with local people who are specifically interested in the arts, health, wellbeing and the environment.

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30 Come and find out how you can

alter your reactions to life, and change or break free from those painful, unpleasant, distressing or stressful ones. My style is informal and I aim to engage and involve those attending in a way that produces a personal sense of identification with the subject involved.

Jan Matthews

Jan is an Associate of The International Stress Management Association, UK – the largest national professional body in its field

A compact, stand-alone, thought-provoking workshop towards personal change


∫ The workshop is repeated weekly, from March through to July 2015

∫ It takes place on Wednesdays, from 11.30am to 3pm

∫ The cost is £45 per person ∫ The workshop is limited to eight places each time, so please do book in advance

∫ It takes place at the Bagnall Centre for Integrated Healthcare, 71-79 Waterside, Chesham HP5 1PE 01494 791288

∫ You can also book online with Jan Matthews 01494 792342

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