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Counselling grieving children

When children lose a grandparent, it can be a very difficult thing to cope with, especially if they were close to them, brought up by them or spent a lot of time with them. The child is afraid to talk about the lost grandparent because their parents are upset anyway; talking about the lost person causes pain to the very people on whom they now rely even more. Sometimes, it is expected that they should get over it in a few months and yet the loss is carried inside and affects young people either physically or mentally, as it can for all of us. When I counsel young people and children, it is a place where the lost person can come back into

their lives; it isn’t taboo to talk about them. Sometimes, children bring memories, photographs or things that belonged to the deceased and we bring the gift of the spirit of the person back into the room. Often, children enjoyed talking to their

grandparents and sharing their day with them. Suddenly, they’ve gone and now they're not there to listen to them. When someone we love dies, it is expected that we will be sad, sometimes depressed, and yet all too often, after a few months, we are expected to have moved on from it. Unfortunately, this is not something that is a quick fix. Sometimes, people don’t know how to react around us; they don’t talk about the person who has died, and if we are in a family, talking about it may not be possible for us because we may feel that we are going to upset the people we live with. A person’s life is a celebration of them.

Remembering the good parts of that person allows us to carry their gift with us on our journey. That’s not necessarily remembering them as an obligation but remembering them in a way that we can use the gifts of their spirit and personality to help us through life. Why should we stop sharing our life with that person who died?

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Virginia Jones MBACP (Dip. Counselling) (Cert. CBT and Online Counselling) BACP Registered Counselling for Chesham, Amersham, Beaconsfield, The Chalfonts and surrounding areas. Ginny is experienced in counselling adults, young people, children, families and couples

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