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For a new you, tailored remedial exercise will improve your quality of life The majority of my remedial

One of the biggest problems facing anyone with a serious or ongoing medical condition is that their fitness is likely to decline, restricting mobility, perhaps balance, and certainly vitality, so that their quality of life runs the risk of gradually spiralling downwards. Having witnessed the problems that come with health issues for some of my own clients, I set out to create remedial fitness programmes designed specifically to increase the levels of fitness in people suffering from conditions including MS, Parkinson's, diabetes and stroke, as well as those recovering from an operation or accident. As a former professional runner,

equestrian and bodybuilder, I recognise the importance of managing fitness levels to maintain quality of life, regardless of age, background or medical issues. My aim through the remedial programme at Weights and Measures Fitness and Pilates Studio is always to support the rehabilitation process, which can mean anything from optimising fitness before an operation to accelerate the recovery period, to aiding recovery following a period of forced inactivity, such as an accident or illness, or to slow down the decline in fitness caused by ongoing medical issues. This means that my remedial training can apply to a wide range of individual situations, often for people who would not normally consider using a gym. Sessions are usually done on a one-to-one basis and recognise the physical ability of the individual,

customers have been referred by local doctors and physiotherapists, who understand the value of tailored remedial training and my ability in this area. However, anyone is welcome at Weights and Measures for Remedial Fitness.

Caroline Owen-Thomas

∫ For details of availability, or to enquire about group sessions, please call 01494 862102.

Specialised remedial equipment

ensuring that the training is a gradual process, in order to avoid any risk and restore vitality over time. The nature of each session will depend on the individual, but will be tailored to their specific condition and needs, and there is a clear emphasis on making sure that no-one is put under pressure to perform, with the objective being a gradual level of fitness improvement. Whilst most sessions are one-to-one, I also often run informal, friendly group sessions for three or four people, in which I oversee and help each attendee to get real benefits from the session. Whilst Weights and Measures has a wide selection of traditional fitness equipment, the use of the latest pilates equipment is proving to be highly effective for helping remedial fitness, offering a more gentle form of stretching and exercise to aid mobility.

∫ Why not try a remedial fitness session to improve the quality of your life?

∫ One-to-one remedial sessions are £40 per hour or £20 per half-hour, and there are no gym membership fees.

The Gym at Frith Hill, Great Missenden and more of the specialised equipment

The weights room at the studio in Great Missenden 15

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