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Our mission statement

Designs for LIFEmagazine showcases the people and businesses that offer alternative ways of finding a sustainable fulfillment within our lives. It demonstrates the importance of nurturing a relationship with ourselves, with each other and with our surroundings. It shows how we can best enjoy the opportunities we have earned in our outer life if we are healthy in our inner world: mentally, physically and spiritually. Designs for LIFEacts as a handbook

of healthy lifestyles and wellbeing in the Chilterns area – opening readers’ minds to complementary therapies, balanced exercise and nutrition; demonstrating the benefits of self expression through creativity and all of the arts; showing people the harmony of green living, with the advantages to their health when the

glamorous or highly fashionable lifestyle – but there are already many forms of media guiding us to those dreams. Designs for LIFEmagazine is

ways they consume, travel and relax are brought closer to nature; and offering new perspectives, positive thinking and a clearer means of understanding an increasingly complex world. Designs for LIFEis not a glossy,

aspirational magazine promoting happiness through wealth and material gain. There is, of course, nothing wrong with aspiring to live a luxurious,

evolving by creating connections between like-minded people, who recognise each other as part of a community. The magazine promotes, supports and serves the members of that community, with the sure knowledge that they will value the publication and support it in return. It is becoming a network between people sharing the same values and priorities, whose needs are not always being met elsewhere. By giving people a voice, and allowing open communication and sharing, everyone is enabled to co-create the kind of world they want to live in.

Peter Hawkes Become part of the Designs for LIFE community

by joining us on Facebook, by writing or advertising in the magazine or by helping to distribute the magazine and spreading the word.

My epiphany

It took place in the shower, in June last year, just a few days before leaving the UK for a new life here in Australia. The realisation was that the ethos of Designs for LIFEmagazine, created by my friends in the Chilterns, might also be of value to the community I was about to become a part of – the Redcliffe Peninsula north of Brisbane. The launch issue was published in December 2014 and has been very well received by the locals!

Rob Bentley


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