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If you want heart-centred connection with the freedom to express your unique individuality, then Biodanza is the dance for you.

It is joy, fun, freedom of expression, bliss and will leave you feeling uplifted and energised. Why not come and see for yourself?

BERKHAMSTED Wednesday mornings 10.30am–12 noon

Town Hall, 196 High Street, Berkhamsted HP4 3AP CHESHAM

Alternate Thursday evenings 7.15–9.15pm The Douglas McMinn Centre, East Street, Chesham HP5 1DG

A warm welcome awaits you. For Berkhamsted and St Albans please call Pip on 07947 578192 – email: For Chesham, please call Angela on 07792 543681 – email:

The healing potential of art and music

I wonder how many people, in times of trouble, find comfort in a piece of music or use it as something to hold onto when they feel they have little else in life?

Speaking for myself, I have often

been comforted by Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and have it on CD, easily available for an instant pick-me-up. Also, I have heard mention on the radio (BBC Radio 3) of someone with schizophrenia who was comforted by a piece of music. The music seemed to connect with him in some way and express what he was feeling when he couldn’t find the words to express himself.

The same can be true of art, in that

it can be comforting, or we can feel that a picture is able to somehow express how we feel so that we then feel less alone and more understood, at least by one other person in the world; the artist. We may conclude, then, that

music and art cannot only move us to tears with their beauty but also comfort us; both are truly magical and nurturing to the soul. Is that healing? Personally, I believe that it is.

Caroline MacInnes Caroline is a therapist based in Aylesbury. Please see her advert on page 6.

MEDITATION, COUNSELLING etc ROOM HIRE: Very attractive and quiet space, with kitchen and toilet facilities. Chesham town centre. Just £5 per hour. Please call 07548 735719

On the cover

I painted the ‘The Golden Pathway’ after going to the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London. Going to these events, I am always more acutely aware that we are all on a journey … a journey through life. We are searching, questioning, thinking, evaluating and hopefully learning from all that happens to us and everything around us. In my picture we are travelling towards the light, along a golden pathway. The trees and the lights in the trees are people who guide us along a path towards that light. Some may see the central shape of light to be the shape of a chalice to represent sustenance.

Isobel Cherry Find out more about Isobel’s work on p9.


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