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community networking A new vision for social change

The past 40 years has seen a lot of change. Most of this time has focussed on the desire for more money and more possessions; in fact pretty much more of everything! This has lead us down the path of materialism, competition, pitting us against each other, and valuing ourselves on what we have rather than who we are. 40 years into this experiment, and if we look around us it is not great; £1.5 trillion in personal debt, a health service struggling to cope and obesity and diabetes problems now at epidemic levels, an education system that puts more emphasis on results tables than our children and a political system that struggles to maintain the thin veil of democracy which is now more than ever controlled by big business. Add to that the mindless desire for growth and profit which continues to prevail over the sustainability and care of our planet. There is no cavalry or magic pill that can wipe away the enormity of the problem we have created.; there are no financial measures or political policies that can reverse the situation we now find ourselves in. The bottom line is that to turn this around, we the people must do it. It needs a superhuman effort not by a few but by millions of us. What we have right now serves a few at the expense of the majority. If we collaborate and work together we can create a new vision for a future that is more equal, serves the majority, and that has sustainability at its heart.

Nurturing and supporting businesses & communities.

Link4Growth is:

∫ a place to meet other local people and to rebuild local connections

∫ open to everyone in the community whatever their background, with no barriers to participation

How can this be achieved? It can

be achieved by returning to core values, ethics and principles; by moving away from the competition and scarcity model to one of collaboration and abundance; by adopting a humanistic approach to society where we value people and relationships over money and take action and responsibility over a culture of blame. The Internet has enabled us to share information like never before; it has enabled a new sense of consciousness, an awakening, and demands of us new levels of authenticity, transparency and integrity in a totally interconnected world. But what can we as individuals do?

We must rebuild from the grass roots up, there is no other way. We must make a fundamental shift in the culture of a nation, from blame and money, to one of taking responsibility for people and relationships. In short, we must

remove the dependency on money, the endless chase for it and the resultant slavery to it and return to the only thing that really matters; the people and relationships around us in our communities. Community survives because each

participant contributes to the well- being of the group as a whole. Everyone is important, everyone has a part to play, everyone is worthy of respect, everyone has a voice and everyone has value. It used to be like this, and with the Internet we can devolve responsibility and create a totally new look to our society, not just in the UK but globally too!

Chris Ogle

∫ a way of focusing on buying locally and keeping money in the local economy

∫ about personal growth – changing the focus from money and blame to people, relationships and taking responsibility

∫ about forums, events, education and skills training

∫ a nationally joined up network working 50% offline and 50% online. email: Chris Ogle, Link4Growth 07834 754000

FACEBOOK: Keith-Ecott-Empowerment

0759 1644 351


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