Wireless real time system for lockers

Ojmar, global leader in electronic locking systems, introduces NEXO®

offering the benefits of a real-time online system without wires.

• Intelligent Data Management: The system provides very useful data to better understand the facilities and their use, helping to optimise the investment from day one

• Networked Alarm: Offering total security in case of break-in attempts or not closing the locker properly

• No wires: Easy installation, maintenance and maximum comfort

With NEXO® NLX1, Ojmar takes a qualitative

step in the evolution of locking systems for lockers that involves a revolution in the management of sports facilities, fitness centres or offices. NLX1,a solution

New LVT collections

Polyflor has re-launched two high design luxury vinyl tile collections in its Expona brand family – Expona Commercial PUR and Expona Simplay PUR.

Seventy five exciting designs have been added to these collections to bring style and robust performance to high traffic commercial leisure and hospitality interiors. Expona Commercial features 80 inspiring wood, stone and abstract effect designs, 55 of which are new including parquet, painted, mosaic, rustic and metallic effects. The Expona Simplay collection of loose lay vinyl tiles and planks now offers 40 authentic wood, stone and textile effects presented in an adhesive-free, ready-to-lay product designed to reduce installation time.

3-wing revolving door system

TORMAX was contracted by Regency Homes to install a 3-wing revolving door system to the main entrance of the restored and refurbished Georgian Manor of Groves hotel.

Giving access to a contemporary new reception area, the revolving door system enhances the external façade and is also highly functional, providing clear and easy access for guests whilst minimising energy costs by reducing heat-loss from the foyer and helping maintain an ambient internal temperature, whatever the weather.

TORMAX offers a comprehensive range of options including sliding, swing, revolving and folding door systems. iMotion technology ensures low-energy solutions when circumstances demand advanced door automation.

New website from HygroMatik Acoustic solutions for gyms New products from Rigo Spa

This stunning deck level pool design allows water to overflow into a slot channel detail. Utilising large format tiles has resulted in a unique, contemporary finished pool.

Rigo Spa are specialist designers, fabricators and installers of swimming pools, vitality spas, saunas, steam rooms and all types of thermal rooms. We create award-winning pools in concrete, fibreglass and stainless steel to almost any design. Our inspirational design team ensure your dream is realised. As the largest UK manufacturer of tiled spas and pools, we build pools and spa to almost any shape. Contact us about your truly unique project.

CMS Danskin Acoustics has launched a dedicated gym division which will focus on troubleshooting sound control in fitness and leisure environments.

As part of the Performance Technology division of SIG, CMS Danskin Acoustics adopts a solutions-based approach to building acoustic challenges, a strategy which is central to the new gym division. Business development manager Steve Whitbread is leading the new gym operation. CMS Danskin Acoustics has also expanded its product range to include everroll® sports flooring which will complement the broader Regupol® impact sound system portfolio that is available exclusively through CMS Danskin Acoustics. Email:

HygroMatik’s new website delivers a smooth and enhanced platform that is user-friendly, with advanced navigation and functionality.

HygroMatik is one of the largest manufacturers of air humidifiers and air humidification systems, offering a full range of long-lasting and easily maintained products. Its new website provides extensive information about new products, services and parts.

The new interface is fast and responsive, allowing users to find the information they want from any internet connected device. The company has put all the areas of application its systems are suited for enabling users to see the HygroMatik products best suited for their needs, simplifying the specification process.

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