sustainable development

Tyram Lakes

The Tyram Lakes Hotel, Spa & Resort is embracing the latest ecological and eco-friendly innovations to deliver a luxury eco-development that doesn’t compromise on quality.

SET in the heart of the Humberside Peatlands, Hatfield Moor and the National Nature Reserve in South Yorkshire, the Tyram Lakes Hotel, Spa & Resort claims to be the first of its type in the UK offering 325 luxurious, wooden eco lodges set on and around 65 acres of lakes adjacent to 100 acres of natural woodlands. One hundred and twenty five of the

lodges will be floating structures, while the remaining 200 will be set amid the woodland. Comprising a range of two and three bedrooms, as well as a number of larger four bedroom accommodations, all lodges are designed to blend into the landscape in order to provide a private getaway with natural spaces that will help rejuvenate guests. Features include rooftop gardens fitted with solar panels, decking areas with sunken spa baths and a choice of classic or contemporary interiors. Sitting at the heart of the resort will be a

boutique hotel. Designed by Den Architecture in association with Baca Architects, specialists in eco-friendly and amphibious projects, the hotel will feature 104 rooms, conference and meeting facilities, a fine dining restaurant with lakeside views, an indoor pool, leisure club, spa, gymnasium, and a picturesque wedding and party venue.

a break from modern life The application to build the green resort was approved by Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council last December, commencing with the first phase of 50 eco lodges, which will all be constructed from timber and incorporate the latest environmentally-friendly technologies

providing a tranquil escape in a beautiful natural habitat. Speaking at the time, Daulton Byfield,

managing director of Rothgen, the company behind the project, said: “The Tyram Lakes Hotel, Spa & Resort will be

the first of its type in the UK. We are planning to invest around £25m to create a first class eco holiday village where visitors can relax amongst nature and enjoy a quiet break from hectic modern life”. The scheme comprises four phases of

development: • Phase 1 - 50 Lakeside and floating lodges • Phase 2 - 104 Bedroom Hotel, Spa and Leisure Centre

• Phase 3 - 75 Lakeside and floating lodges • Phase 4 - 200 Woodland retreat lodges. It will embrace the latest science and

technology to create a resort which is designed and functions through environmentally accredited solutions that are energy efficient and which all engage and sustain the local ecosystems. “The scale and ambitious nature of the

plans will ensure the resort is one of the most luxurious, fun and relaxing holiday destinations in Europe. This green development will be as sustainable as it’s currently possible to build and be an exemplary case study for other developers,” says Baca Associate, Andrew Scrace.

efficient and ecological solutions Geyser Thermal Energy (GTE) was tasked with designing a heating and hot water system for The Tyram Lakes Resort that focused on energy efficiency and sustainability. The site had very limited electrical and water supplies (with no gas supply) and it was crucial that the system would not have a negative impact on the local ecology. GTE devised an innovative approach of

using the main lake as a heat source for the lodges, coupled with various 13

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