changing areas & washrooms

Changing in style

THE trend for high-end boutique gyms shows no sign of abating. Generally smaller than standard gyms and with limited membership, boutique clubs appeal to millennials who take fitness seriously but also want to have fun and feel like they belong to an exclusive club. Showers, changing areas and

washrooms are integral to the success of any gym, and particularly boutique clubs which want on-trend changing areas that reflect their overall ethos and brand image. While some boutique gyms have

expanded to multiple venues, each gym often retains its own individual style, rather than rolling out the same tried and tested design for each new venue. One company doing just that is Gymbox, which runs eight gyms across London with each site featuring a unique interior design. The Gymbox philosophy is to create

space to work out in a fun way. With inspiring interiors, exciting unique classes and resident DJs, its aim is to energise and ignite. Washroom Washroom recently installed new glass shower and toilet cubicles at Gymbox in Victoria, which was designed to mirror the gym’s high energy vibe with a bright, bold colour scheme. The toughened glass cubicle doors were back- painted in a range of bright oranges, reds and yellows to energise gym-users. By contrast, the new Third Space gym at

Tower Bridge draws on a simple colour palette to create an elegant and sophisticated luxury changing room area which feels more like a boutique hotel than a gym. For the striking new changing room

area, which was designed by award- winning designers Sparcstudio, Washroom utilised unusual materials including copper, Ted Todd end grain feature wood panels and Zodiaq stone as well as glass shower cubicles featuring a bespoke diamond pattern design screenprint to the reverse. The new changing areas also feature

grooming shelves manufactured in Zodiaq stone, which comprises 93 per cent quartz and is designed to catch and reflect light as well as providing exceptional strength and durability. Both the grooming shelves and vanity units also feature distinctive Ted Todd feature wood panels and copper edged mirrors fixed to a glossy black glass panel system. One of the latest boutique gyms to

open in London, Barry’s Bootcamp, boasts an on-trend industrial-inspired changing room area. As part of the design, Washroom designed and manufactured glass shower cubicles featuring a bespoke saloon-style door opening, created specifically for the project. The changing areas also feature elements such as exposed pipework, concrete vanities, monochrome colour schemes, stainless steel accessories and metro tiles with contrasting grouting. When it comes to boutique gyms, owners

and members alike are looking for truly unique interior design, and adopting a bespoke approach is the ideal way to achieve this in every area of the gym including the shower and changing areas. 39

Trevor Bowers, director at washroom designer and manufacturer, Washroom Washroom, explains how the boutique gym market is shaping the latest shower and changing room design trends.

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