EQUITONE; the perfect specification for leisure buildings

FIBRE cement provides architects with the ability to bring inspirational designs to life for both new buildings and refurbishment projects, creating striking and contemporary leisure developments. EQUITONE facade materials evoke the

unique nature of fibre cement – a mineral composite material with outstanding physical and aesthetic properties. The materials are available in a range

of through colours and offer an extensive palette of subtle and inspiring colours in a variety of textures and finishes.

Flagship leisure centre An example of these benefits being applied to great effect is at Rushcliffe Arena, based in Nottinghamshire. The arena was rebuilt and modernised using EQUITONE [tectiva] in Pebble to create a subtle design palette. Ajay Chauhan, architect at CPMG, the

project lead designers, said: “EQUITONE [tectiva] provided the specific aesthetic requirements the client was looking for with its fine sanded surface and naturally occurring hues making each panel unique.” The new building brought Rushcliffe

Leisure Centre – including a newly-installed 25m swimming pool – together with Rushcliffe Borough Council’s headquarters.

All materials had to be durable,

require minimal maintenance, have an excellent lifecycle and improve efficiency of the development. Mr Chauhan added: “The client wanted

to use a material for the facade that was durable and low maintenance. We suggested EQUITONE [tectiva] as it’s hardwearing and has a life expectancy of over 50 years. “We’re really pleased with the overall

finish of the project. EQUITONE [tectiva] was the ideal choice for this project – it gave the aesthetic appearance we hoped for, was within budget and is of fantastic quality.”

Luxury country hotel EQUITONE [tectiva] and [natura] were used to create a standout £4.5 million extension at Meldrum House Country Hotel, in Aberdeen. Specified by Lippe Architects, the

materials were fitted to the 600m2 building ensuring the exterior harmonised with and complemented the existing structure. The finished aesthetic is a mixture of textured grey tones, which works alongside the stonework on the hotel. Kristen Will, associate and chartered

architect for Lippe Architects, said: “It was essential we specified a material that would work well with the original building and complemented the existing stone structure. “That is why we chose EQUITONE as the

material helped to create an effective exterior finish. The building’s appearance has a spectrum of surfaces that we wanted to respect, and EQUITONE had the exact texture and durability we were after.”

Meldrum House Country Hotel sits

within a 240-acre estate and now boasts 51 bedrooms. The new property was built adjacent to the B listed mansion house, which has a textured facade with a wide range of stonework colours. Ms Will said: “We felt EQUITONE not only

had simplicity and elegance, but strength in its appearance, and the diversity of the range was ideal for the project.” For more information on EQUITONE

facade materials visit

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