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In the right direction T

moment of clarity for many consumers and the realisation that we canʼt go on forever pumping out plastic widgets has obviously had an ongoing impact.

his is clearly a trend that is here to stay. David Attenboroughʼs Blue Planet series provided a

The good thing is that distributors and manufacturers are responding with the kinds of products that brands and consumers want to see. So, hat tip to a few that Iʼve spotted recently, starting with Inspire Promotions, which is taking environmental options to a new level with a biodegradable phone case. The item is made of wheat straw as bioplastic is produced by bacteria being fed with sugar from the straw. The cellulose fibres from the straw provide the rigidity that is required for phone cases.

Inspire Promotions’ biodegradable phonecase

They can even be colour matched and printed. Isnʼt science wonderful?

Production processes Another product adopting a similar production process is the Shiva O2 sustainable promotional water bottle, supplied by The Sourcing Team. It is made from sugarcane, a renewable raw material that contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The screw- on cap features a leak-proof pull lid, and the triangular form of the cap guarantees a secure grip. The 500ml bottle has a large fill opening and is easy to clean. I doubt the Shiva actually tastes sweet but Fluid Branding can fill the gap with your favourite sweets in an eco-friendly packaging. The company recently chose the eco block bottom bag as its product of the month. This sweet treat giveaway can hold confectionery favourites such as mints, Skittles and chocolate eggs, and will taste all the sweeter enjoyed with a clear conscience.

Not to be outdone, USB2U recently celebrated World Environment Day with a new range of more environmentally friendly products. USB2U strives to reduce single use plastic by offering USBs made from recyclable or compostable materials, as well as Thanks goodness

With all this worthiness, thank goodness for the latest promo gizmo from across the Pond. Miller Lite has come up with the ʻCantrollerʼ, a fully-functioning video game controller that is also a 12 oz can of suds. This studentʼs dream was used as a promotional item for the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles. Attendees could use it to try and beat comedian Eric Andre at a game of

Street Fighter. Miller Lite’s Cantroller

The Cantroller has a three-hour lithium- ion battery, Bluetooth technology and haptic feedback. Now thatʼs what I call ʻcan doʼ.

What better to go with a beer, than a brownie. (What, just me then? Suit yourselves!)

The folks at Eatmylogo have now introduced logo branded brownies to their

The MyKit Bike Repair from Hatters kit Eatmylogo’s branded brownies

The MyKit Bike Repair from Hatters kit puts you in control. It contains 12 wash proof plasters, four skin cleansing swabs, two dry swabs, as well as a repair kit. All of the first aid and care products within the kit meet applicable EU regulations and the kit is housed in a handy plastic case which comes in eight different colours and can be fully customised or simply have a logo added. Happy cycling.

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Another month, another raft of promotional products that are nodding towards greater environmental awareness. Promotional products commentator, Stuart Derrick, reports.

reducing its carbon footprint by planning to bring down its air freight year on year. Three new USBs have been carefully selected to focus on moving away from plastic as the main material used. The new cardboard USB is perhaps the greenest product, with the shell made entirely from sturdy cardboard. It can be colour printed to achieve bold designs. The cork version is made from fully recyclable cork and is in a cylindrical shape. Branding is done via spot colour printing down the side and results in an effective and interesting design. Bamboo is another eco-friendly sustainable choice as it is grown without pesticides or need for irrigation. On the brand front, it produces a strong and good looking flash drive.

range of incredible edibles. The baked goods are high quality and robust, making them perfect as an edible promotional product. Theyʼre delicious and look brilliant, as the company uses its unique process to create sharp and colourful edible prints. If the budget is a bit tighter, then you can opt for a logo sticker.

This versatile product is designed to be a fantastic alternative to cupcakes, which are another firm favourite. A range of logo brownies options is available to meet a variety of different uses for customers. They are available in 5cm and 8cm individually wrapped squares, six packs and gift boxes, which can be mailed and fit through a standard letter box.

Get on your bike

After working your way through these cakes, what better way to work off a few calories than by getting on your bike. With British riders still holding two of the three grand tour titles – it was all three until recently – and the UCI World Road Championships coming to Yorkshire in September, cycling remains a hot property.

Of course, you donʼt have to be Geraint Thomas to enjoy time on two wheels, and participation in cycling has boomed in recent years. As any cyclist knows, you have to be self sufficient when youʼre out on the road, unless you have an understanding partner prepared to come and pick you up when you get a puncture, or take a tumble.

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