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easy trend to follow, and can incorporate many styles across our 2019 collection,” she says.

Accessories are key It is also expected that male accessories will be key for the A/W season, with the hipster vibe in particular expected to continue. Teri-Louise suggests that for anyone looking to capitalise on this trend Beechfieldʼs Trawler Beanie (B460) could be the perfect option with its retro ribbed styling and the availability of key trending colours such as bottle green and burgundy.

Continuing with headwear, baseball caps are predicated to have a resurgence in later months. “Moving away from the 90ʼs inspired motif laden snapbacks however, the call is now toward simple, heritage styles. The Heritage Cord Cap also from Beechfield (B682) gives a textured twist on this trend and the understated colour palette helps to make that cool and effortless look easy to achieve,” says Teri-Louise.

Business-casualwear With regards to corporatewear, the trend for business-casual continues. “While the market for slim fit clothing continues to rise as a result of the growing demand for sleeker silhouettes, the high street is also experiencing a current boom in garments with a more

relaxed fit. This surge in slouch fits has even extended to suiting, which is bringing business-casual to the fore in favour of traditional tailoring,” explains Clare Dwyer, product manager at Kustom Kit. “We observed this emerging retail trend toward business-casual aesthetic several years ago and capitalised on the opportunity to bring this movement to the printwear market with the advent of our Clayton & Ford brand.”

Agreeing that the business- casual trend is on the rise is Andreas Gauer, trade marketing manager at Russell Europe. Adding: “This combination of casual and chic apparel teamed with comfort and functionality is ideally suited to the business segment. Especially in service industries, such as hospitality, where apparel is in demand that is both comfortable, fashionable and functional.” While the business-casual trend is making waves in the printwear market, Lucy Woodward, marketing and development manager at Disley, says that there

will always be a need to offer slim and tailored fit shirts. “Wearers of different ages and sizes want to be able to express an element of choice within their uniform and to select an item that doesnʼt just work in terms of size, but offers an appropriate overall fit – whether thatʼs a looser, more generous classic fit, a trim, close to the body slim fit or something in- between the two with a tailored fit. We are

unlikely to see the extremes of the high street with shirts that literally hug the figure, but the trend is undoubtedly influencing product development,” Lucy adds.

Just as with womenswear, retail trends have an effect on styles that feature in menswear collections in the printwear market. So if you want to stay relevant you know where to look to seek inspiration.

B&C’s Men’s Down Superhood Jacket (BA657) follows the trend for puffer jackets


Stripes predominate in retail and range from the classic thin pin stripe, to really bold, wide or graduated designs. But in the uniform world, where you need to create a coherent, look that works for all, itʼs not quite so straight forward. Stripes can easily look too corporate, projecting a city, banking image where one isnʼt always appropriate. The Kildare shirt came about from the desire to solve this dilemma, offering a stripe that was subtle, understated, yet classic and that would also translate into a corresponding ladies blouse. So, the ground, or base colour of the fabric is white and a thin, broken stripe is woven through to give an element of detail, without overpowering the look. Available in lilac and cobalt blue, there are options to suit all colour palettes. Fit has an influence here too. Kildare is a tailored fit shirt, where the body and sleeves are slimmed down to an extent that works across all sizes and provides a neater, more contemporary silhouette.

– Lucy Woodward, marketing and development manager, Disley

Over recent years, Kustom Kit has observed a growing trend in athleisurewear. Accessible performance polyester garments have driven end-users to expect more from the fabrics they wear with regard to feel and garment care. Such garments can be washed at high temperatures, donʼt require ironing and offer comfort without restricting movement. These expectations have crept into the printwear market as customers are making increasing demand for contemporary casual styles with easy care properties for corporatewear. Clayton & Ford introduced its KK146 Contrast Oxford Shirt after looking at high-end designer fabrics that would meet the criteria for the ever-discerning end-user. This tailored fit 100% cotton Oxford offers incredible value, feels as soft as a T shirt and features easy-iron properties to ensure minimal garment care.

– Clare Dwyer, product manager, Kustom Kit

KK146 Contrast Oxford Shirt

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