Focus on Wide Format Printing

Summa Stretching the limits of laser cutting

Summa has introduced the brand new L3214 laser cutting machine. This is the second Summa style laser unit and equipped with a 1.4m long conveyor bed on a total width of more than 3.2m, to be exact 3.35m. One of its most unique features is the on-the-fly cutting process, which allows for continuous feeding of material to the machine. While the machine continues cutting, the newly cut material is readily available for pick-up from the conveyor belt. Fast, accurate, and on-the-fly cutting – the L3214 is bound to change the go-to-market strategy for applications in soft signage, home decoration, sportswear and fashion. At the core of the enhanced productivity lies a top-notch camera recognition system. Instead of getting your files ready, or waiting for the material to be scanned, this Summa L3214 Vision system continuously scans the material and automatically creates the cut vector needed for the job. The system secures continuous cutting, even when the conveyor is moving, saving you a considerable amount of valuable time.

At this high speed, Summa is still able to maintain the high standards for accuracy. A motorised dereeler makes sure there is no fabric distortion while cutting. The system secures a constant and stable fabric feed onto the vacuumed cutting bed. By creating a loop in the material, the dereeler relaxes the material, reduces distortion and secures an accurate cut. Soyang Europe New medley of products strengthens textile offering

Soyang Europe has introduced a raft of new products to further strengthen its textile collection. The new additions to its portfolio include materials, consumables and finishing solutions, broadening the companyʼs offering to this growing sector. Soyang Europe is now stocking the ST-217 Eclipse blockout material, which has a palatable white reverse making it more pleasing to the eye. This market driven release has been developed to meet customer demand. Available up to 3.2m wide, this triple layer textile weighs in at 310gsm and is ideal as a backing liner for textile tension frame systems, or for backdrop graphics printed with either dye sublimation or UV print technologies. A further new textile material is now available from Soyang Europeʼs 70,000sq ft UK distribution centre: ST-603 Polarlight. This is a coated backlit fabric that has been treated to make it print receptive and then coated again on one side with resin, which allows the user to print UV on the coated side with high resolution. Itʼs made from 100% polyester, giving a super smooth surface, great wrinkle resistance and good light transmission. Two of Soyangʼs popular printable textiles – ST-216 Nightstar and ST-601 Starlight have recently been released in 5m widths, making these already sought-after products available for the grand-format exhibition and retail markets. Starlight is a backlit textile that works like a dream with UV and latex inks to create impressive lightbox displays. Now that itʼs available up to 5m wide, a positive uptake for grand-format applications and large, seamless backlit displays is antisipated. Nightstar is a black back fabric ideal for backdrops. It has a slight stretch to the material which works well with frame systems. A further exciting addition to Soyang Europeʼs product range is a finishing product manufactured in Canada – GreenStrip Keder, a specially-formulated, PVC-free keder for textile tension frame

| 46 | July 2019

L3214 benefits

Like all L Series, the L3214 also enjoys the following benefits: ● Cutting quality that exceeds your expectations, thanks to the

perfectly sealed edges. ● Processing textiles with high precision and without fraying by

default, through contactless cutting with a laser. ● Any deformations are automatically recognised by the intelligent

camera system and immediately compensated in the cutting vector. ● Material optimisation reduces waste with the Vision technology because the laser system does not need markers, the cutting designs can be placed much closer to each other, ensuring

maximum use of the material. ● Fumes are removed by the internal extraction system and cutting by laser produces no dust fibres ensuring a clean work environment. The L Series is enclosed to meet the Class 1 standard, ensuring the laser cutting source is covered during operation and machine pauses if the cover is open.

What’s possible with Soyang

applications. Its green credentials make it suited to retail textile applications where environmental responsibility is a hot topic. New to its consumables portfolio, Soyang Europe has available from stock the Transjet Boost sublimation transfer paper. Transjet is a coated sublimation paper for digital transfer printing with water-based dye sub inks, especially suited for high speed printing. Transjet Boost provides a great solution for enhanced colour release and densities along with excellent ink absorption and drying for transfer sublimation customers.

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